Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


7. 7

Decided to make this a review of peoples powers and how they are getting along.
Renn & Nymphia
"So how are things getting along Renn ?" Nymphia asked.

"They are going okay, I can transform now when I want to really, but there is not much I can do with it. Nothing like yours" Renn stated pointing to Nymphia's room which had become a jungle of potted plants.
"Its getting there" Nymphia replied. The trees had been very helpful with their tips and under their guidance she had grown strength to strength although she was yet to grow a full flower in one go.

I can't get this drawing quite right Khan sighed to himself. He had the idea but if only he could just visualize it. Stretching his arms he thought about the design. A snake twisting around to make the handle and its head running along the side of the sword. Or perhaps maybe two snakes inter coiled in the handle and then running down each of the sides. His eye caught on a glimmer of silver light. As his eyes narrowed and caught onto the light it begun getting darker and darker until he swore it was a solid. A sharp pain shot through his head and he clutched his head the silver light disappearing.

It keeps happening. Every time she drew in this book they kept coming alive once she had finished. She loved this drawing pad its paper so nice and inviting to draw on and not forgetting its binding the leather bound cover. She hugged it tightly and the sounds of protests squealed out of the pages. As she flicked through the pages all of her drawings was doing something she had not drawn them as. Hearing a moan she drew in a clock for a particular posh individual even though he was only a few inches tall. 

Sailing had become so easy after this power thing. He never needed to look at those radars and screens to plot where a bouts he was. He just knew. The spray coming up of the side of the boat was so pleasant on this hot day. Every splash reminding of his exact position. He had accepted this new thing so easily. It was useful and besides he could no longer get lost. He always knew exactly whereabouts he was.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Or rather the bed she was currently sitting on. Yama proceeded to tell her self to keep calm. Her image flickering on and off in the mirror.
"Hey Yama" her brother called through into her room. Snapping Yamas body back into reality.

Dark & Lexia
Lexia giggled. He would never find her up here. especially with her being a few inches tall. Dark burst into the room. causing the wardrobe to shake. Lexia lost her concentration and begun to grow, causing the wardrobe to topple over onto Dark. "Aggh" Dark yelled. As he reached out to stop it from crushing him. As lexia slid of the top. Dark's arm begun to give as Lexia dragged him out just before it fell with a mighty oomph.

I can't deal with this. Arias anger flared and everything in her room chasended into chaos as it flew of what ever surface it was on and crashed into the ground. She grabbed her bow and arrows to go and shot something resisting the urge to shoot her homework

He couldn't sleep, he was too awake and (stomach rumbled) hungry. Wasin decided to head down stairs and eat something it was not like he was going to get to sleep anyway. Grabbing some chicken from the fridge he went to go eat it. The moonlight shot through the window as if alerting him to the problem. It was raw. He sighed and his stomach rumbled. Coming across an idea wasin clenched the chicken and heated his hand up. This had to be the weirdest way to cook chicken. As the fat came drizzling out. Wasin reached out to catch the drops with his other hand. The sizzling of his flesh sent a flash of pain to his head and he quickly moved to let the fat drizzle out over the sink. Soaking his injured hand in the water. The smell of cooked chicken filled the air and he released his hand to find a rather bedraggled but cooked piece of chicken there for the eating.

So yes just some updates of where people have gotten too. Renn xxx


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