Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


6. 6

Aria woke up in terror. She jumped up and saw her book she had been reading before she fell asleep hurtling across the room. And a variety of objects drop onto her bed. Strange things had been happening every morning her room would be in a huge state she had gotten use to trapping her stuff in cupboards before she had gone to sleep. But she had been so tired last night that she had forgotten and now she had all of this to clean up.

“Hey Nymphia you inside?”  Renn called through the back door.
“Yeah I am just getting my stuff come in” Nymphia shouted from somewhere in the house.
Renn walked in and dumped her stuff on the table. Sorting out her headphones that had got muddled. Nymphia rushed into the room.
"Sorry Renn, I didn't realize the time"
"That's fine"
"Do you mind grabbing my text book from my room, whilst I get my bike out"
"Sure" Renn headed upstairs into Nymphia's Room.
In Nymphia's room Renn looked for the text book but then her eye got drawn to a very pretty Black pebble. As she reached to pick it up it split into thousands of pieces of dust that flowed into her body.
"Hey Renn you okay?" Nymphia called up the stairs and then started moving when there was no reply. As Nymphia looked down on the bedroom floor there was a black cat that had definitely not been there a few minutes ago. Making a connection in her head.
"Renn?" Nymphia asked questioningly. The cat looked up in terror and darted under neath Nymphias bed. "Hey Renn its okay, I can do stuff too" Nymphia grabbed a pot of flowers from her window still and started staring at it pointing with her fingers. Slowly a bud on the plant began to unfurl into a beautiful flower. The cat slowly crept back out from under the bed. Nymphia stroked the cat and it slowly begun to calm down as its heart beat slowed. Renn appeared back in the room again. Her hair slightly ruffled and her eyes wide with shock. 
"Are you okay ?"
"Yeah I think so, that was weird"
"definitely weird"

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