Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


5. 5

Decided I didn't like the last part of the previous Chapter

Nymphia wandered off to see what exactly had kept her dog distracted her eyes came down on some beautiful colored pebbles as she bent down to pick up a emerald green pebble it turned into little green dancing lights that flowed into her body. Realizing these stones weren't normal she gathered them up and placed them in her pockets.

"Ugh, its so hot Renn grumbled applying her tenth coat of factor 50 to her skin. Which was all mostly showing as the temperature had stripped her of all decency. Nymphia was sprawled out bathing in the sunshine after finishing coating herself. 
"Oi that's my jacket" Nigel winged
"I know its your jacket I am laying on it" Nymphia retorted
"But you will get grass stains all over it" Nigel s moaning ceased as he realized that no amount of moaning was going to get his jacket back.
"Did you guys pick up your timetable ?" Nigel asked
"Why is already exam time" Renn moaned. "I'll pick it up when I get in"
"Its alright for you, I am failing and Biology exams are so long" Yama said as She collapsed backwards onto some bags.
"I'm sure you will do fine" Nymphia commented, reassuring Yama. 
"Arias... coming outside" Nigel joked. Seeing aria approach from afar.
"oh... so she is" Yama stated confirming that Aria was indeed heading that way. "Has anyone got any suncream?"
"Yeah, here" Renn said chucking the bottle of suncream which promptly missed and hit Nymphia.
"Owwww, why does everything end up hitting me" Nymphia moaned.
"You okay Nymphia" Aria asked with a hint of sympathy in her voice.
"I'm fine, anyway what are you doing outside?" Nymphia asked puzzled.
"Fancied it" Aria said with a shrug
"Are you feeling okay?"Yama teased.
Trina and Khan walked over closely followed by the group of decaying zombies/grubby teenagers
"Hey Trina" the girls called over
"Hey guys" Trina replied taking a spot in the shade. "how are you guys ?"
"It's so hot" Nymphia moaned sprawling out.
"Want some suncream ?" Renn offered.
"I'm good thanks, I have my own"
"... So Exams" Aria brought up to fill in the gap in conversation.
"Ugh, don't speak about it" Yama moaned with a look of disgust.
"Have you got the timetable yet Aria" Nigel asked.
"Yeah, I have four exams in one week" Aria sighed
"Fancy playing catch Nymphia" Renn asked.
"Nope, its too hot" Nymphia replied.
"Wasin can you come rub sun cream on me" Renn said motioning at her boyfriend.
"Really ?" Wasin replied with an exasperated sigh.
"I can't reach my back" handing the suncream to Wasin.
"fine" Wasin stated. Squirting the suncream and rubbing it on her back with one finger.
"Enjoying yourself" Yama teased Wasin.
"Anyway its about time we go back in" Nigel mentioned looking at his watch.
"Do we have too ? , We have geography, its a doss anyway" Yama moaned.
"Well up to you" Nigel said trudging his way to Maths.
"Guess as he has gone, we have to go Renn" Aria said.
"Awwww...," Renn moaned. Looking at Wasin.
"Don't look at me, I have a free" Wasin mentioned.
"Come on Renn" Aria pulling Renn up
"Byee " Renn said whilst hugging Wasin and headed into class"

Finally Finished this bit now the actual good stuff can get chugging along... choo choo

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