Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


4. 4

Nymphia walked through the fields and dropped down to let her dog Midori (name of a sweet green cordial drink) off the lead so that he could run around in the green grass. Nymphia liked being outside it was free and open. She just wished the sun would stop glaring at her like it did. It was making her dizzy. She lent against a tree to steady herself and overheard some voices that were speaking to one another.
"I think that creature has found something"
"I do think it has"
"Hey Boris, do your feet reach that far to see what that creature is looking at"
" No sorry old chap they don't. Williams did but hes all but a stump now"
Nymphias ears pricked where were these voices coming from. Who uses a phrase like "all but a stump". There wasn't anyone around.Hesitatingly she spoke out
"Hey....Who is that, Whos William ???"
"By jov I do think that child is speaking to us"
"How it is to be young"
"your younger than all of us by a decade at least"
"I do think we should probably reply the dear looks confused"
"Williams a stump"
Nymphias face grew more confused.
"Wheres William?" she said changing her question.
"walk forwards come on girly its not like we are going to bite you. Our bark is worse than our..."
"Really, that joke again"
"We need to branch out and get some new ones"
"they all seem a bit shady to me"
"Guys you were showing me William" Nymphia cut in with an annoyed tone.
"Oh we forgot about yew"
"I'm getting sycamore and more of these stupid puns"
"Its the stump too the left of you"
"Thats not a stump"
"Yeh it is William was a rather big fellow"
"His last words were if you put poison in my tea I would drink it."
"Very strange chap, rather clever, very British it sorta rubbed off on us chaps"
"But the lightning got him"
"So now hes stumped"
"They never are the same again"
"He said he was prime minister"
"Do you mean Winston not William" Nymphia stated. Her curiosity about what was making the sound had disappeared completely.
"Ah that would be it. Winston..."
"we have had a few to many hair cuts it sorta boggles bits off you. I mean you can try and grow them back but they are never quite the same"
"Oh we have kept you for some time haven't we dear, your dog found something"

"We are not sure what it is"
"Strange things keep happening"
"Good day Child"
Nymphia wandered off to see what exactly had kept her dog distracted her eyes came down on some beautiful emerald green stones which were creating some mini rainbow lights that were dancing in the sunlight. Midori was chasing those lights around. She collected up the stones and put them in her pocket there had been a lot of weird stuff happening today.

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