Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


3. 3

Renn was in a mixture of heads on the one side she was going round Wasin s ,again, but on the other hand her mark had appeared. It was in a decent place just below her shoulder on her right arm. Its swirls connecting in a nice fashion. But Wasin was bound to notice and Renn was not the sort of person to spontaneously get tattoos. She could cover it with a jacket at school, She wore jackets everyday anyway, Renn would just have to remember keep it on. It wasn't that Renn did not trust him at all. It was just that he was a biology freak and she would get endless questions about it and she didn't know what her powers were and what she was capable of.

"You ready yet ?" Renn shouted down the stairs. Knowing full well that if they did not leave soon she would never get there.
Wasin had been pacing up and down the corridor for a while now it was something he did a lot of. She was going to notice. His hands sizzled as they got sweaty. She was definitely going to notice. He needed to cool down it was getting ridiculous. I mean the mark he could hide. Renn had stopped trying to steal his shirt when there was nobody around now. She was completely unreasonable. But burning her even by accident was not the way to go about it. He flopped down on the bed. I mean the power was cool and all that but he hadn't told anyone yet. Renn was trust worthy but if he got annoyed his hands would flare up again. I mean generally he did not go over the top but his younger brother had gotten him irritated by not leaving his room and going on about that stupid gaming stuff. Whilst Wasin was trying to read some notes. He had accidentally clenched them too hard and had left scorch marks on them. So he had to copy those out again. His mums voice cut through his thoughts, seems that Renn had arrived. His lost thoughts had completely drowned out the sound of the dog barking.

Renn bounded upstairs and entered Wasins room. Well techniquely it should be her room seeing as how she spent so much time in there. Spying his ipod she stole the money out of the back of it, £25, he would never learn. She leaped on to his/her bed bouncing on his/her bed she headbutted him several times.
"Nice to see you too kitten" he said jokingly. Using his affectionate term for her.
"Now can I have my money back"
"What money ?,I see no money I only have my money, which is by the way mine"
"you can't take everything of mine" Wasin stated with a sigh
"But its mi..." Renns sentence was cut off as he wrestled the money off of her and put it back under the case
"so do you want to walk to the mounds now or later " Wasin asked
"thats not helpful at all"
"fine we will go now"
The outside was cold and walking was effort. But Wasin was made of warms. Renn sided up to him and slid her already frozen hands onto his nice warm flesh.
"Aggggh cold" Wasin stated in annoyance and in pain as his body arched over in an effort to knock the cold hands away from his warm skin.
"But my hands are cold..." she asked hopefully.
" do up your jumper and walk quicker" Wasin stated in a matter of fact voice.

Ah that was a good book, Yama thought to herself as she tuned into the real world.
"Yama, where are you?" her mother speaking with her back towards Yama.
"Here mother" her voice startling her mother.
"you weren't there a moment ago, I have been looking for you, your teas ready, well its probably cold now, where did you go"
"I didn't go anywhere, I was reading"
"Anyway your teas cold"
Yama headed towards the kitchen and then towards the kettle. She didn't need to read a lot of mystery books to know that someone had stole her cup of tea and from the dry tea stains it was a while ago. Mum was at work so it couldn't be her. Mother had got her own, so that only left her little brother. She headed upstairs to tell him that if he wanted tea he could make his own or ask for one. Instead of stealing hers.
"Hey, did you take my tea"
"Was it your tea, It was nearly cold when I got it. So I had to save it, the only way I could do that is by putting it straight into my stomach" He said patting his flat stomach happily. Yama looked enviously at her younger sibling.
"Any way where were you, I was looking for you an hour ago I wanted to show you something, but its gone now" her brother said sadly
Yama was confused. Where she had been sitting was in full view there was no way they could have missed her. She had only had a bit to read if you can call half a book a bit. More to the point she had missed tea. Putting all thoughts behind her she headed downstairs for a cuppa


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