Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


2. 2

Renn could not understand. She liked maths well a bit more than liked she loved maths but sometimes it made as much sense to her as it did to non maths people and heck she wanted to study it at university. Looking over to her right she spotted Aria she was trying her best to understand but miss was a bit quiet and Aria could not hear her and probably wanted to be wrapped up in sheets of physic formulas. The girl had an obsession. On her right also was Nigel who was once again complaining that she had entered his space. He had the unfortunate ability to sit sort of next to her. Renn of course had her own table to herself. She liked to spread things out. But she had needed more room and he wasn't using the text book so she had propped up her notes against it much to his dismay. His complaints were silenced when they were finally allowed out to eat lunch.
"Gullible tree" Renn commented to Yama and Nymphia as she past them in the corridor.
"yep" Yama replied.
The gullible tree was a name the upper 6th had named the tree after stapling a piece of paper to a tree branch as in there is gullible written on the ceiling. So the tree got its name. She pushed her way around the queue in the cafeteria. Insolent fools did not know how to pre order. She was in and out of there before they had even made a step forwards remembering to dose her chips in vinegar. Wasin hated vinegar. She then grabbed her usual three sachets of salt. she had never had extra salt on anything before 6th form apart from those fried potato chips. But since being here and listening to Wasin complain about no salt on her food, she had gotten in the habit. That guy could live of salt and Coca cola.
Yama had things on her mind. Whilst her younger brother was a genius although a weird one. she had not got the clever brain cells. She loved books and to learn, but not what the current studies were teaching her. So she had been spoken to about dropping Chemistry as that had been going down a very steep hill some may call it a cliff. She picked up her usual croissant the chocolate one of course. Then headed to the sweet isle to pick up the notorious Geography chocolate that she and Nymphia shared in geography. Which is how she had manged to get through alive. Everybody knows that geography isn't the most enthusiastic and world renowned subject and although she hesitated to mention it. They did spent entire lessons coloring in, although her handy work had not improved since primary school. But less on that what really was captivating her attention was the wisp that she had found the other day. One of the imaginaries had found it floating about. She had just assumed it was another one of them seeing as she had quite a few of them. Other people had friends she had the imaginaries growing up even if the made her seem weirder they were there for her. But this one had been different it had entered into her mind and was being quite quiet in there, probably grabbed a book she had read a lot of them at least three times, but she had a constant nagging feeling that it was still there.
"Coming?" Nymphia asked.
"I'm getting there" Yama replied.
As Nymphia approached the group she realized once again what weirdos her friends were. All sitting on the ground. Not that she minded sitting on the ground, its just that they were the largest group in school filled with all sorts of different people. "A group of friends that have no friends" Nigel had once kindly put it. There were goths that were far to attached to one another s faces for any ones liking although they had settled down slightly. There were geeks and Aria was missing again probably in Physics Lexia was being bullied again. She did seem slightly shorter when they crowded her like that, but then again Lexia was always really short. The mistfits in varying states of cleanliness. She didn't want to even go there. Renn was trying to beg/steal Wasin for food again and it looked like it was slightly succeeding as Wasin gave Renn a crisp. Renn looked like she had one a prize anyhow simple things please simple minds. They suited each other in some way. Though how anyone could put up with Renn for any length of time was beyond her. Dark was tossing a tennis ball to Nigel and once she had finished eating they would play a game. She and Renn liked to call fetch as it was fun to bully the guys if you could call them that. As her throws were shorter than Renns she would draw them in close where they would compete to catch it. A quick throw to Renn who would then promptly throw it as far as she could and then get a retaliation back from Nate who could throw a tennis ball incredibly far despite the lack of any muscles or fat anywhere. The guy was literally a stick.
Aria did not mind being left alone to her world of physics. The outside world was full of grass and with grass came more pills. Anyway she had an experiment to try out. The technicians were so use to her now they let her do what she wanted. As she set up the equipment. A wisp entered the room going through the wall. Aria hated those things they seemed to not follow the laws of physics: no gravity pull, no mass and they can travel through solid objects. They were like something from a film. She reached out to touch it, one had never ventured so close to her. As they touched she felt a tingling stretch through her whole body like thousands of electric shocks pulsating through her body. It was quick like a lightening bolt. If the wisp hadn't had disappeared she wouldn't have had never thought it had happened. She grabbed her stuff and packed the equipment away it was time for last lesson.

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