Welcome to the club of the Misfits

Renn and her group have never fitted into society and have no intention of doing so either. But when a clan of wisps enters in their minds. Can they keep up the illusion of normality.


1. 1

Renn had always felt special in a way most people never can feel. She felt that there was a bigger part to her mind a part that she had not yet the power to access. She kept this hidden from people it was not normal to speak of rings of golden fire when she closed her eyes, even if her friends were a bit on the strange side. When the glowing orbs had appeared Renn knew she would be chosen. There was no way that something this weird was going to 2pass her by and when an orb seemed interested in her she lept at the chance and embraced it into her being and her soul.

"I resent the rain with a passion" Renn stated loudly to her friend Nymphia. It was a true fact, she knew it had to rain for the plants and stuff but she still hated it. whether she was inside or outside. Nymphia on the other hand loved the rain as she was a weirdo.
"But the rain is so beautiful" Nymphia commented. Her hair which a few minutes ago was all nicely plated like an elf had already turned into dreadlocks against her leather Jacket.
Renn hissed at the statement why on earth she would think that. Renns thoughts were: its cold and wet and my clothes are soaked.

" You know that hiss sounded just like a cat, sometimes I don't know why I hang out with you" Nymphia commented knowing full well that the reason she was still hanging out with Renn, was the fact that they had been to school together ever since Nursery and her mother disapproved of the rest of Nymphias friends. That she had met so far which was a fair number of them. She was still friends with her friends even if they were not to her mothers likening. Her mother wasn't even particularly fond of her, Nymphia could not wait to get out and explore the world, she had been cooped up in this tiny village for far to long.
"I hate hills" Nymphias thoughts were sidetracked by her friends mumblings. 
"How about this, we will go and get a hot chocolate" Nymphia replied. Sometimes Renn could be so simple. There were nearly at school and Renn had been grumbling to herself the whole time all tucked inside of her rain coat.

As Nymphia parked her bike Nymphias arch nemesis since childhood strikes her again.
"Owww" she had hit her head again. She was constantly being abused by trees, pebbles, doors, lamposts even swings. Renn had acknowledged the horrible bike shed that they parked their bikes in and how low it was. But Nymphia was like a head shorter than her and still managed to get hurt. Nymphia called herself the responsible one. Heading quickly inside they debated once again when they were going to get a new bike shed. It leaked and was very short plus they were the only ones who really used it. Problems of having an old middle school as a 6th form center. Heading to the Libary Renn spotted the mane of flowing hair and planned her attack.
"Nope, stay away from me" the guy with the mane pointed at her.
"All I wanted is a hug Wasin" Renn replied with fake innocence.
"you are wet" Wasin stated. Hard to believe this was the guy Renn had been dating for a while now and had fancied long before that. Seems undreamed of adoration and respect means nothing if you are soaking wet and plan on getting a perfectly dry victim... I mean Boyfriend slightly soaked.
"Do you really want a hug then" Wasin asked condescendingly.
"take of the rain coat" Wasin commanded.
Renn grumbled to herself but did what he had said anyway. He was warm like he always was. Renn loved the warmth, people always commented about his African fire which was the explanation people took to explain why he was always so absurdly warm. Renn giggled as she took her cold hands and shoved them up the back of his tshirt. The real game begun then. Renn trying to keep warming her hands on Wasin whilst he tried to release himself from the pain. The game ended when Nymphia dragged Renn off to go get hot chocolate Yama in tow.


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