TMNT-A Fanfiction

Tally has always grown up with the Turtles she's called family-Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. She promises to protect them, them to protect her. But what if something happens that breaks them apart-and they can't protect each other any more?


4. Chapter Three-Fifteen.

      I stole another look up from the drawing that I was currently trying to complete. It was difficult-I had to draw mainly from memory. Adding the final touch, I hurriedly folded the piece of paper and quickly shoved the stubby pencil and paper into my trouser pocket before they could see. "What you got there, Tealeaf?" Suddenly, I was crowded by four, very large, very tall, turtles. I stammered. "Noth-I've got nothing. Swear." I looked up, sheepish. "I've got nothing!" As I stood, the paper fluttered out and landed by Leo's feet. I stared at it, watched him as he bent to pick it up and unfold it. There was a slight pause as the four of them looked at the drawings of themselves.

        "Woah! These are awesome! Better not show them to Sensei though, you know what he's like." The last part of the sentence was a whisper, even though Sensei was nowhere to be seen.

        "Right, I'm gonna go. Up top. Cover me? Please? Thanks guys." Taking the paper back, I had to stop myself from running to get my bag that I'd found years ago. I unzipped it, and double checked that I definitely had everything in there that I needed for the trip-money that'd been thrown into the gutter, extra weapons, water, and a few disgusting smelling food packet thingies that probably needed to be chucked out. Sliding out the specially made skateboard, I strapped it onto my bag and threw it over my shoulder. Walking over to the weaponry wall, I sheathed two pronged swords into my belt.  Lastly, before I started to climb the ladder into the open, I looked back and smiled at my brothers.

        "I'll give you guys a shout on the computers if something goes-if something happens. Alright?" Climbing the ladder rungs, I got about halfway up when a warm hand closed around my ankle.

        "Be careful. It was really close last time-and in the daylight as well. Just like today."

        "Raf...I didn't mean to do that last time. Besides, this time I'm only planning on grabbing the money that I'm owed from last time, and possibly, possibly, getting pizza. Happy? Ok. Bye." Still seeming unhappy with my answer, Raf let go of my foot. Climbing the last few rungs, I stepped out into the smoke filled world upside of my home.


        I was angry. Really angry. It takes a lot for that to happen. "Why don't you have the money! It's been nearly two weeks now! Two weeks! Oh, two weeks isn't enough, I hear? I think I've ben pretty reasonable with the price for that amount of work! Boohoo, your boss "forgot" to pay you. Maybe next time, I would have forgotten how to do the wiring mechanics properly. Half an hour. You have half an hour to get the money, or you'll live to regret growing up as a man with balls. Understand?" The sixteen year old boy, surprisingly small but burly for his age, cowered away from my voice.

        "What? I can't get it in that time! Please-one more week. One more week and I'll have, I swear!" Sweat started to bead on his already shining brow. Shaking my head, I repeated the time that he had, the place to meet, and walked off out of the alleyway into the glare of the unwarming sunshine and general crowdedness of New York City. Hiking my bag higher on my shoulder, I started to push my way through until I got to the road. My feet scuffed the frost that covered the pavement as I dawdled, making several people annoyed as they pushed passed to cross. Looking to my side, I realised with a jolt that I was standing right next to the guy that 'took a shortcut' through the sewers a few months ago, and at first, I thought he didn't see me. I was wrong.

        "So, you think that was the last of it, do you? Sorry, but my boss didn't take it very well that he should get a tougher challenge than me. So, here I am runt, yours truly." I glared at him, and started my way across the road. Unfortunately, he started to follow like a puppy across the slippery surface.

        "You know, in my head, I'm already thinking of ways on how to get rid of you, and it ain't exactly pretty, Squirt. So shove off, before I kick you between the legs again." To make it worse, I slipped and nearly fell onto my knees in the middle of the road, before he grabbed my elbow and pulled me back up again. Pulling my arm away, I looked at him in disgust before running across the last of the crossing.

        "Anyway, if you really are homeless, what's with all the fancy get-up, runt?" His tone was accusing, and it made me angry-the back of my neck started to prickle and the hairs stand on end. Before I knew it, I had him by the collar of his shirt and was lifting him up. Several people started to stop and stare and point, but still, I held on.

        "I swear, if you dare set foot inside that sewer again-you'll pay. But that time? That time, you'll pay with a lot more than a sore pain between your legs. Understand?" Squirt struggled to nod, his face blushing, legs kicking in the air beneath him. Dropping him onto the concrete, I watched him once again, struggling to stand.

        Rubbing his neck, he looked at my face, and said, "So, you know them then? What's down there? The-the experiments? Is that why-why you're so uptight about people being down there?" His voice was ragged, shaky.

        "Squirt, I'm gonna tell you something. I don't really sit well with-hey! Watch where you're going, alright?! Right, I don't really sit well with people who accuse me of things that I don't like talking about, so this conversation is pointless. I'm gonna leave, because I've got something to get. Don't want to see you again. Get it?" Storming off, I didn't wait for a reply. The route I was taking felt as familiar as a pencil in my hand to me.

        Walking through the door, I breathed in and gripped my bag with a hand and slid it off to get the money. "Usual, mein Mädchen?"

        "Yes please Mrs Golderhepyen! Make it two, this time please! Thanks!" Walking up to the counter, I fumbled with the loose coins that were piled with the notes. "Mrs Golderhepyen, is it ok if I give you this money now and then give you the rest later? Mrs-Mrs Golderhepyen?"

        "Mein Mädchen, you can have that off. You are the only regular who will talk to a little old lady like me." I was touched by the German woman's kindness. "Mädchen, please, call me Amelie. You have been coming here often enough that I can trust you with my name." She turned her back to shout into the kitchen behind her. "Rico, please, hurry up with those pizzas! You know I know how cheesy you can make them in a short amount of time!" Turning back, Amelie gave me a toothy grin.

        Behind me, the bell above the door rang out, admitting another customer. "Oh, hello, mein Junge! You have met this pretty little Mädchen, no?" I turned, and saw the bruised face of Squirt.

        "Oh, come on! What are doing?" Giving me a disgruntled look, he reached into his pocket, drew out a handful of notes and started to reach toward me with them. "What-what are doing?" I was suspicious. Rubbing his eyebrows with his index finger, he sighed. "I-I ran into a guy, who said he saw you grabbing my collar, and said to give you this. Oh, and he said that he was sorry. For it being late. Annnd he told me to listen to you, otherwise I'll apparently be really, really-well, he didn't say things that you've already said, so..." Nodding slowly, I took the money out of his hands and gave the rest of what I owed to Amelie.   

        "Oi, Mini-Mint, here's your pizzas. They are cheesy to a perfection. Enjoy."










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