TMNT-A Fanfiction

Tally has always grown up with the Turtles she's called family-Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. She promises to protect them, them to protect her. But what if something happens that breaks them apart-and they can't protect each other any more?


2. Chapter One-Thirteen Years Old.

       "Donnie! I think I've got it-look!" I called out, excited to show what I thought I'd cracked. My fingers hesitated over the keyboard as an MI5 alert popped up on the computer screen, but I quickly managed to shut it down before any damage could be done. Pushing my glasses up as they slid down my small nose, I shifted in my seat slightly so I could get feeling back in my legs. "Here-I've managed to get into the security cameras that were-that were causing us problems last week. Huh. Look-there-where that corner of that building joins into that one-d'you see it?" 

        "Yeah. I see it. Sensei! T's found something that looks important! Hey, you alright? You look tired. How long have you been working on this for without sleep?" I shrugged at Donnie's question. I didn't know. All I knew is that I'd been working on it long enough to know that my eyeballs itched for sleep and my brain was pretty much mush.  I still had to do training. I'd missed out a few times because of having to try and find what had caused us six trouble. Flexing my fingers out, I heard several of them crack.

        "Donatello, Tally. Show me what you have found. Actually, no, Donatello, you show me. Tally, go to bed-and no arguing. You've been in front of these screens for about two days now, with no rest. Sleep."

        There was no point in arguing with Sensei. Sighing, I stood up with a numb bum and hobbled back to the section of the room that was mine. Darkness was creeping in the corners of my vision, and I walked even more determinedly towards my bed. A three fingered hand gripped my arm and pulled me faster towards it, and I stumbled ever so slightly-that did it for me. Sleep wrapped around me like a blanket.

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