TMNT-A Fanfiction

Tally has always grown up with the Turtles she's called family-Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. She promises to protect them, them to protect her. But what if something happens that breaks them apart-and they can't protect each other any more?


9. Chapter Eight.

        I nearly got caught sneaking above-it was really, really close. I had my pieces of paper and pencils, my skateboard, my bag with wires in it, and knotted my animal mask around my wrist just in case. Climbing through the small, uneven hole that was hidden in the wall of my room, I remembered it being a lot easier to get out of-I mean, I could hardly breathe now. Pushing my bag and skateboard up the last bit of wall, I managed to wiggle my way out without any dignity into the abandoned alleyway. Stopping to breathe for a minute, I slung my bag over my shoulder and stepped onto the skateboard. Putting a foot onto the ground and pushing off, I thought I heard my name being called-shrugging it off when I didn't hear it again, I set off for the Pizza Parade.

        Five minutes later, I sat on the frosted bench directly outside the Parade, and waited. Waited some more. Then waited even longer. I checked the clock that was inside the restaurant, and groaned. O'Neil should've been here nearly an hour ago. Standing, I dusted off my boots and the back of my jeans clear of cold fluff when I noticed the MM staring intently at me from the bench arm rest. It made me jump; it wasn't there a second ago, I was sure. Picking it up, I glanced up and saw a girl around my age that looked slightly familiar staring at me. It clicked-she was O'Neil. I swear she should have been a lot older than she looked, as she was about seven in the videos-that was nearly fifteen years ago.

        "O'Neil? Wait, you are her-I didn't make this little guy get you for nothing, did I?" It took her a second to nod. O'Neil took a step forward, and I could see dark smudgy circles under her eyes, hidden under a layer of make-up.

        "Yup. That's me. April, by the way. April O'Neil. Could-could I see that? Just to make sure?" She pointed to my wrist, meaning the mask. I untied it and handed it to her, the faded material making feel self-conscious about how dirty it seemed next to her carefully made up hands. Turning it over in her palms, O'Neil-April-looked up and smiled. "It's you. It's really you! I mean, you found the videos, didn't you? I mean, I know that the girl isn't me, but the-the-the rescue and those guys-they were my friends! That girl-she was my older sister. She got it into her head that those turtles were friends of hers-I was only one at the time, just about walking and talking at the time, but-but I managed to get you out of there, I swear! You-when you came along, I was jealous. Jealous! I thought you were dead! The others-Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, are they-they're alive aren't they?" Man, does she ever stop talking? Taking another step forward, it looked like she was gonna hug me then thought better of it.

        "Yeah. They're alive. I'm not actually supposed to be here right now, talking about them-us-with you. I needed some questions answered, but I don't suppose I'll have time now. So...Seeya. Maybe some other time O'Neil. Nice meeting you, I suppose." Smiling small, I picked my stuff, took my mask from April, knotting round my wrist and started to walk off. Stopping, I turned on my heel to look at April. "Please don't anyone about-" gesturing with my hands between us, "'-this. I could get in serious trouble. Maybe some time in the future O'Neil."

          "Hey-hey, wait! April! Wait for me! Hang on...You! How are-how do you-what are you doing here runt?" I turned back again, angry.

       Through gritted teeth, I replied, "I could ask the same thing, Squirt. Shouldn't you be doing some top secret work or something?" Squirt looked blank, April looked confused, and I didn't know what to do. Leave? Stay? Explain to April what was happening?

        "Ray? Hey. You. Spill." Glancing at me for a split second, 'Ray' looked stricken. His mouth opened and closed like a fish.

        "Rather not say. I'd better go. Bye April. Tell mum I said hey." Slipping away on the ice, Ray kept looking at us over his shoulder. April looked at me and explained that they were twins.  Now that I thought about, they did look strikingly similar. I still didn't feel bad for kicking Squirt-Ray-between the legs.

        "I really, really need to get back now. Bye for real O'Neil." I sped away on my skateboard, wanting to get home as fast as possible.










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