Wow hello everyone
So this is something I wrote in a creative writing class at uni. The method was quite weird - we were given seven words and had to write a few sentences related to each, then we had to use this material to make a poem. One of the words was "distant" and I ran with that a bit here. This was also vaguely inspired by Wuthering Heights (the song not the book :s) hence the cover image. ANYWAY I hope you enjoy it!!


1. Distant

Mist and moors-

clouding stagnant over the gap

can’t hear the echo

can’t see the wood for the trees


Friend and confidant

(usually just confidant)

both a personal and a political

emptiness, empty-headedness

would be nice, but –


Savouring not scarfing

reflection not reaction

fraternité not egalité

would be nice, but

there’s a few too many things

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