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4. The Phobias, Fears and Nightmares

The Fear Of Moths.

The Fear Of Disfigured Faces.

The Nightmare of Drowning In Blood.

The Fear Of Rats. (When I was seven, I climbed up this hill with my dog, on my own. I started walking through rushes when I saw it- this massive rat. It was dead. With his eyes gouged out. I felt like I couldn't breathe.)

The Phobia Of Heights.

The Fear Of Stress.



The Nightmare Of:  I was trapped in a building. The walls are glass, and I am about 30 stories up. It looked like I was in New York City because of all the advertisements and tall buildings surrounding me. The wall behind me is metal. It is slowly coming toward me as I go up 2 floors per second, but gradually moved faster. The wall reached me when I was almost 100 floors up and pushed me up. I landed on a person when I reached the ground, and I suddenly couldn't hear anything. I was surrounded by blood, and the last thing I saw before I woke up was the building/elevator reaching its highest point at the speed of light, the metal having overtaken the glass. It dropped down like the panic plunge.

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