Let Loose...

Want to help me and yourself?

Tell me your deepest phobia/fear/nightmare and win 2 feedbacks on your chosen movellas AND a chapter review in one of my Movellas (Must Read Movellas) on your chosen movella.

Details are in the Movella...


1. How Does This Work?

Let's cut the small talk shall we? I know you want to get down to business. So I'll get started...


What even is this Movella?

If you haven't yet seen my Mumble, this Movella is to help both me and you. I'm a little stuck on a spooky competition entry and I need YOU to help!


How do I help?

All you have to do is comment your worst fear, phobia or nightmare. It doesn't matter what it is, everything is useful!


How does it help me?

If your truly scared of something, or just simply need to get something off your chest it can be very useful! You can also see if others are the same as you, and know your not alone.


Okay, but what else do I get out of it?

I figured you might say that... Well the person with the best fear, phobia or nightmare will win:

2 of their chosen movellas to be read by me and receive CC on both


have 1 of their chosen movellas have a review chapter written in my Movella: Must Read Movellas.


But won't your entire competition entry be stealing MY phobia, fear or nightmare?

Not necessarily. I will base my competition entry around your phobia, fear or nightmare but if you want credit I will give you credit in the blurb. This also gives me a rough idea of the things people are most terrified of as a whole.


So... What do I do?

Comment below or on any of my mumbles your fear, phobia or nightmare. The rules will be in the next chapter.


Okay! Great, I'm going to now look at the Rules chapter...

Good! Go look for your chance to win the prizes!

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