My Imprinter

Hi I'm Renesemee Cullen, and I'm in love with my Imprinter....Jacob Black. Mum and Dad say to stay away from him, but something about him attracts me closer and closer towards him.


3. Chapter 2

Renesemee's P.O.V

Edward, Bella and I awaited for Aro's presence outside the cottage, I could feel the hatred radiating off my parents and towards me. I groaned and darted up to a tree and sat there, letting my feet over hang the branch.

My father's eyes shot up to me and gave me the 'Come back here eyes'

I shook my head, running my hands through my long burgandy hair. I could see out of the corner of my eyes, my parents giving me the pleading eyes. 

I turned away from them and stood up against the tree, allowing my eyes to scan the area.

Nothing, the trees were still, there was no breeze or wind at all. The night was black, not a sign of stars, only the coverage of the trees above and the light fluffy white clouds floating through the sky. 

I glanced down at my parents and noticed Jacob was standing behind them, texting someone on his phone.

I darted my eyes closer to the screen on the phone and the contact said 


Hey at Nessies, going to break the news to her then. But i may need you as back up, Edward told me Aro is on his way here. Gotta find Ness first. Love ya bro.

I grimaced back towards my parents and Jacob and waited until he placed his phone away, a couple minutes after he placed his phone back into his pocket I pounced on him and landed on Jacob's neck.

I kissed his cheek then slid my body off his warm one. I could sense the stiffness and the awkwardness between my father and Jacob.

I ignored it and paid attention to Jacob.

"Hey Ness." He greeted me, showing his toothy smile.

"Hey" I smiled back

I leant my body on his, and he wrapped his arms securely around my body, placing me into a protective stance.

I smelt the air around me and i stiffened, so did the others. I forcefully pushed my shield out, wrapping it around all of us, allowing the security to ease my mind.

I noticed Dad glanced back and smiled.

"You're shielding us, aren't you?"

I simply nodded, slightly smiling.

He smiled back and wrapped his hand around mum's waist, like Jacob was doing to me. 

I smiled at them and kept balancing the shield on my parents, myself and Jacob.


Moments passed and I glanced infront of me and noticed a presence standing there, not moving one bit.


My father asked, with venom dripping in his voice.

"Ahhh Edward, what a lovely evening it is tonight."

He stated, in his italian accent, allowing the words flow out of his mouth

"Why do you think I'm here for, dear friend?"

Aro asked, approaching us slowly, allowing his strides be long but slow.

"That is the question I should be asking you, Aro."

My mother stated, allowing the confusion show in her voice.

"You see, we agreed on something when Renesemee was a baby. Didn't we?"

I looked at Aro, then towards my parents.

"What is he saying?" I asked with anger rippling through my body.

My father glanced back at me and gave me a 'sorry' look.

I shook my head at him and walked away from Jacob and towards Aro.

"What did you's agree on, when I was a baby?"

I questioned, with fury shooting through my veins and into my eyes, allowing them to change into pure black.

"Well dear, you are an essemblence to royalty." Aro stated with no surprise in his tone, by the sounds of it, he has known for a long time.

I gasped.


I turned back to Jacob and my parents.

"Why didn't you fucking tell me this?" I fired back to them

"Don't use that language young lady, we-" My father started, but I cut him off 

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do. You basically made a bet on me that I didn't freaking know. Thanks alot, i thought you guys were great parents. But i can see how fucking wrong i am now."

I was beyond pissed and confused.

I glanced at Jacob with soft eyes and tilted my head to the side, allowing me to read him like a book, then something ticked in my head.

"You knew too!" I screeched, allowing my eyes to turn back to the shade of black.

"Ness, I was going to tell you today, but I guess-" I cut him off

"You guess what, Jacob? All my life you could have told me, but you never fucking did, neither of you's did and you expect me to go with him and be some house bitch. Well no, you have another thing coming for you. One I am not fucking going and two I'm 19 years old, I decide to live my life."

I blurted out, allowing my shield to drop and allow them all to stand there unprotected. 

"The thing is Ness, if you don't go with him, we all die."

My father stated, with fear in his voice. 

I shrugged my shoulders and glared at him.

"Well you should't have made that bet, and we wouldn't be in this position. Would we?"

I shot out, questioning them.

"Your going to have to go Dear" My mother pleaded.

I shook my head and laughed

"Have a happy and unwanted death. You are not my parents and you never will be. And as for you Jacob, go fuck yourself."

I then took one last glance at them and shot off



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