My Imprinter

Hi I'm Renesemee Cullen, and I'm in love with my Imprinter....Jacob Black. Mum and Dad say to stay away from him, but something about him attracts me closer and closer towards him.


2. Chapter 1

Renesemee's P.O.V

It's 12 pm and I'm waiting for my imprinter..Jacob Black, outside the cottage that my parents and I live in.

My father, Edward don't agree with me seeing my imprinter, but I'm in love with him and don't seem to be able to keep my distance from him. He say's he is a bad person, But mum, Bella disagrees, she thinks he's a nice person with a loving heart, but dad says "He's nothing but trouble, I wish you could stop seeing him Nessie."

I disagree with my father and focus on my other families, Jacobs, my fathers and my mothers family.


I sigh in frustration, as I waited for Jake, I could hear something moving fast through the shrubs and trees around the cottage, it wasn't a wolf; because if it was you would be able to hear the padding of their paws on the crispy cold and hard ground. I smelled the air and calmed down a bit, it was a vampire. I looked in the direction the intruder was coming from and waited, scanning the area around me. 


I could sense them coming closer and closer by the milli second, I started to get worried. I ran inside the cottage til I saw mum in the TV room, watching some lame adult show. I gracefully stood in front of her and looked at her.

"What is it Ness?"

I was about to speak, when I felt a breeze blow past me and next to mum, it was dad.

"I can sense something outside, It's not Jacob, and it's not one of our family either. I don't know who is outside."

My father tensed up beside mum, and exhaled the air around him.

He groaned and sighed.

"It's Aro, he's coming to check on Renesemee."

Mum and I gasped.




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