When Worlds Collide

Tanner Smith lives in a household with only boys, and she has no hint of girl in her. She has been ruled out as punk and she doesn't care one bit.
Then there is Sasha Creste, schools queen bee and drama queen, she is rich, popular and pretty.
These girls have nothing in common, instead one thing, they are going to be sisters. How will these girls be friends.


2. Tanner: Waste of Money

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! I slam my hand onto my alarm clock. The sound stopped. I stretch my arms and legs like taffy. I roll of my bed onto the pile of clothes. "Tanner! You are going to be late on your first day of school!" my dad yells from down the hall.

"Yes I know one second!!" I yell as I threw my shirt off and pulled on my Rolling Stones shirt. I pull my sweat pants off and on with my ripped up jeans. I rush to my closet and threw out every shoe until I found my red converse. I slipped them on, grabbed my backpack and rushed out the door. I stomped down the stairs and into the kitchen to be taken aback by the smell of freshly cooked eggs and pancakes. I look to see my dad cooking away at the stove. "Dad?" I whispered as I dropped my backpack onto the table. "Yes sweetie?" he said as he flipped a pancake. "You never cook, and the last time you did, you nearly burned the house to the ground." I walked behind him and looked at his clothes. New, I could tell because there wasn't any stains or wrinkles. "So who is this new woman you are trying to impress." I laughed as I leaned against the fridge. "I don't know what you are talking about.." he said with the hint of innocence. "You can't fool me, you obviously spent tons of money on your outfit, you and your Paul Fredrick shirt, and Banana Republic pants, and are those Testoni shoes you are wearing?" I hate it when he spends his money on clothing to impress some woman. "Ok, her name is Cam, and she is the owner of the coffee shop on 53rd street." he confessed as he flipped the last pancake onto the plate. "Want some?" 

"No, I going to be late." I mumble as I snatch my bag up and walked to the door. "Oh and dad... if she becomes some gold digger, can I throw her clothes out the window?" I closed the door before I could get a answer. I power walked to the street. I saw Charlie and James standing and talking. I picked up my pace and ran to them. "Hey Charlie." She lifted her head from her phone and nodded."Sorry, I am watching how to cut my own hair." she mumbled. James punched her arm. "Sorry, she is in this "let's have no hair" phase." he chuckled. Charlie rolled her eyes and continuted to watch it. I looked up and saw the school bus turning the corner and driving toward us. "Bus is here." I said as I got closer to the curb. I heard the sound of high heels. coming up my way. As the bus drew near, the bus stopped, the door flew open, and I was about to walk to it, but I felt a force push onto the ground. "Excuse me freak." Sasha grumbled as she walked onto the bus with her 4 inch heels. Charlie and James ran to my aid. They helped me up and helped me into the bus.

"God, sometimes that girl is a drama queen." I mumbled under my breathe.

This is going to be a long year

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