Little Sammy Winchester(de-aged story)

Sam and Dean run into a rather nasty witch who decides to De-age Sam and if I don't stop tying you won't need to read the story


1. Pilot (part one)

(Hey guys this is my first De-aged Sammy ((and story in general)) and I'm sorry in advance for crappy-ness in and of the story but didn't think there were enough in the world. I ran out after my friend got me to fall in love. if you ever want to send me reading material go right a head! I'm going to do this in parts only because i want to make it easier for my self to edit. I will only continue if you like it! comment or message it doesn't matter to me! thanks for reading XD should I continue?)


The hunt started off as any other hunt the Winchester boys did just another witch to kill right? Or so the unknowing brothers thought. They started into the thick forest. Nothing for miles upon miles middle of no where Louisiana.

    The boys walk and walk cautiously deeper and deeper into the forest. The leaves rustle in a bush 2 yards away from Sam. He jumps to turn and *BAM!* the witch shoots out closer to Sam when Dean jumps right in front of the foul creature.
    “Back your sorry ass up you son-of-a-bitch! and away from my baby brother!” Dean warns protectively blocking Sam. Although Sam towered over his big brother Dean still protected him as if he had feet above Sam’s head.

“HAHAHAHAHAAA,” The Witch cackled grimly “Oh, how cute! the puny little ‘big’ brother swooping in to save the day!,”

Sam’s skin crawled at her low scratchy voice much to his recognition of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. He gripped his gun for dear life then everything moved as if the world was in fast forward. The witch said some words in a language that he didn't understand. Then the world went black and a gun shot.
    “What the fuck did you do bitch?!,” Dean said through his gritted teeth death dripping off his words “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABY BROTHER?!,”

“Oh, yes that sounds about right… Your baby brother was it? Yes it would seem so. I would say about 2 give or take a few months.” The witch said quite amused
    That’s when the terrible truth I've come to know hit me like a train it wasn't black it was dark I was covered in my own clothing I was no longer 24 I was 2! and before I realized it I was crying just full fledged sobbing like a little kid who lost their parent in a grocery store.and then to make it all worse Dean my 28 year old brother was lifting me up with my only older selves shirt. The rest of my clothes were piled on the ground. Dean picked them up in the other arm. He then turns and the witch has disappeared! Now the worst part of all Dean has to say:

“Hey buddy...Sammy boy what’s wrong? Come on show me a smile! Come on kid show Dean those teeth!” As he tickles my sides I can’t help but giggle and when everything is resolved for the time being I shiver and i say

“D-Dean I’m Cold,” Much whiner than I had anticipated

“Sammy―,”Dean starts

“Dean, Sammy is a little kid name it’s SAM!,” I state

“Sammy boy I hate to break it to you but you are a little kid now,” Dean says gently

I go silent for awhile when dean says
    “Aw come on Sammy don’t do that! We’ll figure everything out. I swear!”
However I knew this already; That dean would do anything to get me back to my Sasquatch size again but it still upsets me that I let it happen not that I didn't miss way back when my big brother was actually my big brother when I had a nightmare  could curl up in his bed and not feel alone in the world a freak, an abomination! Now if we don’t figure it out in time I might have to do it again! I couldn't do it again unless the spell makes me never age but I don’t want that either! All I ever wanted was a normal ‘Apple-Pie’ life as Dean put it and now I’m the farthest away from that than I ever was. I don’t even want to think about if my small body decides it wants to forget anything that happened after I was this small the first time! I’m broken from my thoughts when dean says:

    “Hey short stack how about we go to wal-mart for some clothes? You okay in the car while I go grab an outfit?”

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