Little Sammy Winchester(de-aged story)

Sam and Dean run into a rather nasty witch who decides to De-age Sam and if I don't stop tying you won't need to read the story


2. Pilot (part 2)

“I um… Suw I guess,De” I replied in tongues

“Aw Sammy what’s wrong?”He questioned

“Hones-ty De I dunno It’s wike I don wan’ oo ta go” I answered and automatically covered my mouth and I felt the tears well up in my glossy eyes
“Sammy What’s the matter come on baby boy don’t cry you can come with me how about that? hmm wanna come in with me?” He cooed and I cringed at the new pet name he came up with and I just shook my head yes

    With that Dean my now much older brother picked me up out of my spot in the middle of the backseat. It was like I weighed nothing Dean lifted me onto his hip with ease in a matter of seconds we were in the store and in the toddler section holding a one piece that said ‘I love daddy’ and we were going to the checkout when Dean made a detour

“De? wews we goin’ now?” I asked

“Well Sammy boy I don’t know how your body’s going to react soㅡ”Dean stopped mid sentence

“Jus’ gets it over wif go buy the diapws” I said flatly

“Sorry Buddy” He looked at me apologetically

At the check out the lady was quite nice and she did it quickly when Dean swiped the card and got the receipt he brought me and my new attire into the stall with the changing table which made me feel even smaller because I couldn't get on it on my own Dean picked me up put me on the changing table and change me expertly he also added the diaper in half the time now I’m squirming and trying to get away because I was uncomfortable and Dean finished and picked me up and asked
    “Hey Baby boy you tired? ” I guess he saw my eyes droop
I just shook my head yes
    “Okay we are almost done do you want me to get a cart so you can sleep? of do you want me to carry you?” He said knowing I was going to get cranky

So I said “Cawt *YAWNNN*” He just responded by swaying as he walked to the carts and put me in the top of one. I managed to stay awake for almost everything he got a car seat then he got a thing that people buy to put in the top of the cart so their baby wouldn't get sick from germs or cold from the cold metal then he got  a CRIB?!? this is when I passed out when I woke up I was covered in blankets and in a car seat sucking on a foreign object muffled behind this object I slur

    “Ze?whas des?” Dean turns around

“Oh that? you were sucking your thumb in the store and well it’s not good for you so I also bought you a Paci so you don’t get sick” He replied
    I couldn't believe it! I don’t even want to know what happened in this diaper thing we pulled into the motel and Dean picked up the key and me and we went to the impala and Dean had a baggage cart put a lot of stuff on it then continued to the room. When we arrived at the room dean set me on the one bed and pulled out the other things and set them up and he built the crib and pulled out toys appliances and a playpen that doubled as a changing table then picked me up laid me down on the changing table changed me quickly then he carried me with him to the kitchen rinsed the paci and then heated something up in the microwave then when it beeped I saw it...My worst enemy… The bottle I've never liked them even when I was this old the first time I especially hated the ones I needed to suck on to get my drink and now that would make me more childish...but on the other hand I’m really hungry… then before I could protest my paci was gone and replaced with the warm bottle and it was my enemy then when i didn't do anything Dean started

    “Sam I was going to let you feed yourself if you don’t eat I’m going to do it then you’ll look like a real baby you want that?”

    How does he see through me so well? I am not giving in! I will stand my ground! then before i could do anything else Dean was in the rocking chair on the other side of the room rocking me while feeding me the bottle I’m 22 years old!!! how is this happening to me right now?! Then I realize Dean zoned out and started humming ‘Hey, Jude’ By the beetles our mom used to hum that when she rocked Dean because he always did it to me when I was sad and now that I started thinking this little toddler who keeps staring at me in the mirror is crying Why can’t I act 22 instead of 2?! shortly after I’m out like a light and I’m asleep in my new crib until…
(TBC... )

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