Little Sammy Winchester(de-aged story)

Sam and Dean run into a rather nasty witch who decides to De-age Sam and if I don't stop tying you won't need to read the story


3. chapter 3 (technically)

I woke up terrified. I was screaming my head off. I couldn’t breathe. Dean wasn’t coming. I didn’t know what else to do. Then I see my worst nightmare come to life… Yellow-Eyes was standing over me laughing as he slit his wrist.

    “Samㅡ SAMMY WAKE UP! Sam, Sam, Sammy boy wake up please baby boy wake up… It’s fake baby boy come on wake up it’s okay…” Crap what do I do crap crap CRAP!!! Hey Jude! that’s it!  um...what’s the words dammit! um um um-ah-ha! “Hey Jude, don't make it bad

Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart Then you can start to make it better Hey Jude, don't be afraid You were made to go out and get her The minute you let her under your skin Then you begin to make it better…”


    I heard Hey Jude my breathing evened and I opened my eyes and found them on Dean.

    “Dee h-he’s b-back Dee he’s gon’ gemme Dee don’ le ‘em gemme peas Dee!” I sobbed into his chest
    “Hey hey buddy calm down you’re okay I won’t let nothing happen to you baby boy who’s back huh? Who’s ass am I gonna kick if they come near you?” He cooed kind of offensively
    “Y-yewow-eye! Yewow-eye back he gon’ beed Dee don’ le ‘em” I screeched

    “No he’s dead I swear I did it myself” I cooed

    I sobbed for a few hours then Dean got up carried me swaying to the kitchen where he hummed Hey Jude softly to me and then he put a paci in my mouth I immediately spit the offending object out when he said

    “Sammy boy you need to stop spitting things out and across the room please baby boy this isn’t easier that it was the first time.”
    I just face planted into his shoulder he heated something up and I had the faintest idea what it was until he opened the microwave and pulled the ‘thing’ out and I saw the cursed object he put some on his wrist to test the temperature and when it was okay he sat in the rocker he put the bottle up to my mouth and I took it and didn’t need to suck on which was great...I guess now I realize how far gone my ‘Apple-Pie’ life really was. I hated the thought of it now. all I wanted to do was talk to cas and I don’t even know why!

    All of a sudden the room rumbles and the one the only Castiel arrived and I was so relieved to see him and I have no idea why he did what he did next he snaps his fingers and the bottle’s flow stopped
    “Children should use the sucking activate bottles so they do not inhale the beverage.” He stated to Dean who was in shock
     “C-Cas why are you here I didn’t summon you” Dean said confused
    “You did not Samuel however unintentionally summoned in his thoughts” He replied
    Dean nodded and Cas explained that when a child (seconds old to approximately 10 years) the angel involved with thoughts,ideas,and/or actions must go to said child. He can read my mind that I can’t and he has seen that hell may leak through into this body at any given moment and the Garrison had told him not to leave my side until the age dilemma was fixed. So we were all stuck an over protective big brother/father A sort of fallen angel and a worthless good for nothing 2 year old who can’t do anything. My thoughts are stopped by a strong voice...
    “I forbid you to call yourself anything to that of what your adult mind would call you in this situation!” Cas reprimanded

    “What did he call himself?” Dean asked
    “A Worthless, Good for nothing 2 year old Who can do anything” Cas quoted for Dean whom everyone in the room could see the the anger radiating off him.
    “Samuel Eric Winchester” I flinch at the use of my full name “How dare you call yourself Worthless and Good for nothing! I S–”

    “Dean please do not use that tone with the fledgeling please” Cas asked
    “Fine and Cas it’s called a baby” Dean said
    “Dammit Dean I’m 22 Fucking Years Old!” I yelled
    Big mistake because what happened next really got Dean’s point across that I’m no longer 22.

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