The Focus

What if there was a world with no choices?
If you were born with a certain gift, you were scarred and scolded.
Your two choices were to live a poverty and pain, or survive and rebel.
One choice can change it all.
Break a rule and it's death, unless you get away.
Learn to focus, survive, and keep the flaw in the system


6. Chapter 6

I woke to a sound of yelling and the thuds of feet as it someone was running through the hallways. I stumbled from the covers of Cadarn's bed and stepped in a soft manor to the door. I opened the door enough to allow a small amount of light the fade into the darkness of the bedroom. Outside, stood several boys that I had passed in the hallways, Roman, Greece, and Bug- the boy who had given me sleeping aids. They were tackling each other and belting out laughter and playful screams. One boy, that looked to be about 15, threw an apple and a knife shot through it, making it be pinned to the wall as if it was a decoration.

"Watch out!" Someone screamed and I quickly ducked my head to see another apple being launched through the hall. Greece hefted me off the floor with a wild smile. "What in the unholy hell are you doing?!" I asked.

Greece chuckled, "it's a game. We throw apples and try to stab them out of the air. If you split one in half you pretty much win."

"It cannot be safe to be throwing sharp objects into a sea of people." I reply.

"Don't worry. They're way too dull to cause too cause a serious injury."

"You guys are completely insane." I say.

"Better than boring. C'mon, you try." Greece hands me a knife and tells Roman to throw up an apple.

Roman tosses the fruit into the air and, without trouble, I split the apple into a clean half.

"Let's try two!" A boy calls.

Greece then hands me two knives and Roman prepares to throw two more apples and I once again was able to split both in seconds.

I heard slow clap beginning to form before there were screaming cheers, but then the hallways went completely dark. The boys went silent as we stood quietly in the hallway. I couldn't sense danger though; just silence.

"Code 9." A voice boomed through the halls coming from a speaker.

I found Roman and Greece from their lighter and whispered, "what's code nine?"

Greece answered quickly, "there's a mutant animal on the bunker. It's a big one and some of the capital hunters were caught nearby. We have to go silent and into our cabin immediately. The lights are shut off and we're on lockdown until they leave." I nodded and watched as everyone fled the hall in a silent hurry. I spotted Cadarn walking towards me. He pointed to his room and motioned for me to get in. I obeyed and opened the door to be followed by Cadarn.

"Even though you can't really see through them, your room is one of the only ones with a window. We need to be safe, so I'm keeping you in here until it's safe." He answered my question before I could. He could sense I was wondering.

I nodded.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good enough to leave soon." I replied.

"Why are you in such a rush to get away from us?" Cadarn asked with slight annoyance.

"Because I don't need help. I can live on my own. Plus this place is too nice for my style; I need my cold hard ground to sleep on."

He sighed and rolled his eyes, "this place can be a home, Cat-"

"Don't call me Cat." I snapped.

"I've lived on my own. I do better on my own, so leave me alone."

Cadarn shh'd me. For one moment I could hear something that sounded like a bear growl. Then there were gunshots. I flinched somewhat but immediately went back acting like nothing happened.

"It's the hunters. They've got the animal." Cadarn whispered.

"So we can leave a cabins now?" I ask.

"Not quite. They might look around the place. We need to stay invisible."

We can threaten them. Take them down easily.

But that's not safe. They'll come looking. They'll know.


My mind began to hurt me. A side effect of having to minds I guess. They'd take over a fight in my head. Telling me what's a good idea and what's a horrid one.

"They're trying to take over, aren't they?" Cadarn asked.

"Yeah..." I mumbled and rubbed my temples.

"Come here." He said.

I answered his command and moved in front of him. He began to rub small circles against my neck vertebrae and then my temples. Cadarn was much stronger than me and could easily kill me, yet I was trusting him with TOUCHING ME.

"Cadarn?" I ask looking up at him.


"Do you know your age?"

He paused for a moment as if hesitating the answer.

"I'm 18."

"How do you know?" I ask.

"I keep notes."


There's a knock on the door. Cadarn motions for me to be quiet. I nod. Then he points to the Uzi leaning up against wall. I stand in front of it. Cadarn opens the door to reveal Jonah. "They're gone, but they set up motion sensors in the canopies."

I heard Cadarn swear under his breath. "Do we have any climbing gear?" He questioned.

"I can't get them." I blurted from the corner. Jonah leaned to see me and back at Cadarn who had turned to face me.

"I can climb. Not to mention I'm the smallest of everyone here."

Jonah and Cadarn looked at each other before Jonah spoke up, "I think she can do it."

"It's not safe."

"If we don't get rid of those sensors, we are all not safe."

"C'mon, don't you have a way for me to camo myself and shoot them down?"

Cadarn looked at Jonah as he spoke next, "we have the bird's nest."

"We do, but it hasn't been used since Nico was here."

"It's worth a shot."

Cadarn nodded, "okay. Cathal, go with Jonah. He will show you what to do."

I followed Jonah out of the room as Cadarn did dorm check and made the announcement that no one leaves the bunker.

Jonah was like a stick. He was very thin and tall, and his head was a buzz cut of blonde hair. He had a tattoo that laced his fingers in some geometric figuring.

We trekked up several flights of stairs and into a room that was fully cement with wildlife and four small slots in each wall. The slots were no larger than my hand. "What are you a best shot at?" Jonah asked holding up a regular bow and my cross bow. I pointed to my cross bow and he handed it to me.

"You have a shot at each sensor. There are five and they're all very sensitive. But luckily, their strengths are not heavy enough to sense anything on their paths. You can see a blue light. Aim for it."

I nodded and stepped up to the first slot facing north. I first peered through the slot to see the canopy of trees. In the shortest tree, a pine, I could see the faint glow of the sensor.

I pulled up my bow and held it against my shoulder.

I then realized something; the sensors were powered by one solar panel the size of a small jewel box that sat in that tree.

"They're solar and synced." I mumbled.

"Huh?" Jonah asked.

"Do we have any explosive arrows?" Issue louder.


"Just get me an explosive arrow, but not too high power. Just something with a little amount of zing." I answered in annoyance.

Jonah sighed an okay and made some remark about me being a little out of my mind.

When Jonah came back, someone was standing behind him. "Who's he?" I asked while staring at the boy with long blond hair pulled back into a short and loose ponytail. His face was pierced heavily and he had tattoos tracing up his neck and down his legs.

"I'm Lucas, I'm afraid we haven't met." The boy said whilst holding out a hand for me to shake. I glanced down at it and then at the sheath of arrows. "Which ones do I take?"

"Here," Jonah pulled out three arrows with E's written on the shafts. Under the feathering of the arrows were three small buttons. I plucked one of the arrows from his hand, "I only need one; they're all powered by a single panel. If I can get it with the explosive arrow, then all we have to do is scale the trees and pick up the sensors."

"Yeah, if you hit the panel." Lucas replied.


I slid the arrow into the chamber and Lucas spoke, "to activate it, hold in at least three of the buttons and let go after two seconds. You have twenty seconds before the bomb activates."

I nodded and did as he said. I propped the weapon up to my shoulder once again and peered through the scope at the panel.

I breathed in and shot the arrow.

Next was like a large firecracker exploded as the panel engulfed in flames. Jonah and Lucas were in a hurry to see what it looked like.

"Dude, that was wicked." Jonah laughed.

Lucas shrugged, "I've seen better."

I looked up at Lucas, "I've done the better." 

"Sure you have, but since you're the one that shot it, and that you believe you know it is safe, then you're climbing the tree to get it."

"Fine by me," 

I heard Lucas whisper to Jonah that I am completely insane, but I felt the need to agree with him inside my head. We all strolled to the main entrance that I was brought through when I first arrived to their camp where Phoenix and Cadarn met me with climbing gear. I raised an eyebrow, "Why are you giving me that?" I asked looking down at the harness and pulley. 

Phoenix then began to talk to me like I was brainless, "Those trees have barely any stepping places and are ranging from 50 to 100 feet tall; it is not the safest thing to climb you know." 

I couldn't help but laugh somewhat.

"You boys are too careful; take a little risk sometime." 

Cadarn sighed and mumbled under his breath, "she is never gonna get it." They then opened the hatch and piled out behind me with guns raised and searching for anything dangerous. I peered up at the large tree in front of me that held the smoking machinery that was destroyed. I took a heavy jump and gripped the trunk of the tree. I then found the perfect places to grip and pull myself with. not even two minutes later, I found myself staring at the capital's attempt at spying on us. "pathetic." I chuckled to myself as I found a branch at the canopy to stop and throw the machine into my bag that I had brought with me. I then decided to leave a message for the police. I plucked my knife from my belt line and began carving into the rough tree bark. I worked quickly until I heard Cadarn's voice below the tree I had scaled, "Hurry, Cathal!" I put on the finishing strikes and looked at my words that were messily written in the skin of the tree's body: A WARNING.

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