Tesla Coast and her Strange Demise

Tesla Coast is dead, her real murderer on the loose, and her boyfriend in chains for the crime.


4. The Day of Her Demise.

The dance started in ten minutes, and yet Tesla felt as if her ears were already ringing from the constant freak-outs of her friends, Emma and Kris. She couldn't blame them, they had been waiting for this dance for months and she, well, hadn't. So there they were, garbed in dresses, makeup, accessories, and basically cloaked in every five year old girls dream attire.

No matter how much she hated to admit it, Tesla was actually terrifically excited for this dance. She was intrigued to see her boyfriend in a tux again, as she had always loved the look on him. Not only that, but she considered the fact that she would have a good time. Don't mistake her intentions, she set her expectations low (ergo the use of good instead of great). The single thing she was afraid of was that she didn't set her expectations low enough, which she was right, but, at that moment, she was unaware of that fact.

What fact was she aware of? That this would be a memorable night, boring or not. Again, she was right.

It was when she had that thought that there was a knock on Emmas' door, immediately followed by hushed squeals. Hushed, of course, because what kind of proper lady lets any man know they actually want to see them? Composing themselves further, they spot checked their outfits, telling each other they looked fine despite their worries, and they were walking down the stairs soon after.

Emma's parents having already opened the door, three lovely men in expensive-looking tuxes stood in the living room. Glancing over the fact that they were being stared down by Emmas' parents, they had relaxed and amazed looks on their faces. The looks, obviously, were the effect of looking at their respective partners. The girls returned their gazes, and Tesla could swear those butterflies in her stomach would never cease to flutter. Tesla chose to ignore the ache in her feet as she took the last step to the bottom floor, taking the outstretched hand of the one she loved. Tesla wanted to freeze at that moment. She had never said she loved him, in her mind or aloud, but she couldn't deny it. In fact, she didn't know how she missed it earlier. Even though she wasn't sure when exactly she fell in love, she knew. Tesla would never forget this night, for this reason. She thought, anyway.

The couples were called into the great room for pictures, as was mandatory to any parent, and they stood there, three in a row. They smiled for the picture, and at least they knew the smiles were genuine. 

Nearly ten minutes later they were in their limo, on the way to the dance of their lives. Tesla was sitting hand in hand with Jeremy, chatting excitedly with each other and their group of friends.


They were close, so close they could feel every heartbeat, hear every breath, see every flaw. Not that they thought either of them had any. The slow song that was playing moments ago was lost to them, as if the only thing that mattered in that moment was each other. Indeed, that was the case. It was obvious when the look in their eyes was seen, the way their clothing and bodies gently melted into each other. At that moment, they were one.

And then, they weren't. The song ended and they cleared the dance floor, slowly moving towards the table they had sat at earlier. Only towards it; Tesla never sat at that table. Her phone rang from her little purse before she sat, so she picked it up while standing.

"I've got to take this," Tesla apologized. Giving her boyfriend a quick kiss and saying, "Have fun while I'm gone."

"Is that possible?" He laughed, which made her smile. His laugh was always ravishing.

"Anything is possible," She said as she walked away. The doors nearest to her led away from the noise and into a small dimly lit hallway. Her phone was pressed to her right ear in  hurry, to make sure she didn't miss the call, and said:

"Hello?" Her body shivered, so she crossed her available arm over her chest, locking her hand onto her occupied arm.

"Hi, honey! How's the dance? Keeping everything appropriate?" She giggled as Tesla groaned.

"Mom! I'm not even- no- the dance is, like, halfway through." Tesla answered, exasperated.

"I know, I didn't really want to know about the dance. Well, sort of, I wanted to know how it's going with Jeremy."

"We've been on dates before, you've never called then?"

"I know, it's just one of your first dances, I'm excited for you!" Tesla laughed along with her mom as the darkness slowly spiraled around her. She didn't notice.

"I get it, and yeah, it's good. He's good." Although she couldn't see anyone around her, she felt a blush creep onto her cheeks.

"Really?" Tesla could hear the happiness in her mothers' voice.

"Yeah, and, I," Tesla faltered, but only for a moment. "I think I might love him." Tesla could hear her mother begin to squeal, but the noise was soon cut off when her phone was whipped to the floor, and it definitely was not by her own will. A gasp froze in Tesla's throat as she whirled around, facing her opponent. Or, she should've been facing her opponent. Instead, she found her feet swept out from under her, legs flying outwards, yet she didn't fall. She stayed in the air, and she couldn't bring herself to scream.

When she did finally fall some minutes later, she found herself dazed and terrified. Looking around, she not only realized how dark it had gotten (nearly pitch black) but that something was off. It seemed, to her, as if she was still floating, but she was sitting upright, head resting against the wall. She could see the door to her left, the door that led to her boyfriend. Trying to move, she found herself even further perplexed, as she couldn't even twitch her fingers. Terror was evident in every part of her, and she knew she was doomed. No glimmer of hope, no happiness, just a deep sense of depression and regret. What she would regret, she didn't know, she just knew it was there, deep and unsettling in the pit of her stomach.

Realizations kept coming: she couldn't breath, she wasn't blinking, she wasn't even in her own body. Technically, she was in it, but she did not feel the usual sense of something touching her, of the ability to feel. She was lost in her own being. And then she did feel something. She felt cold, and as if she was moving. But she wasn't. Her body was in the same place, her view unchanging. Except for the black rings coming into vision. They were blocking out her sight, declaring that she was indeed leaving. She didn't know where she was going.

Tesla Coast didn't know she would be lost for an eternity.

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