Tesla Coast and her Strange Demise

Tesla Coast is dead, her real murderer on the loose, and her boyfriend in chains for the crime.


3. One Day Prior.

Tesla was very uncomfortable with the extreme attention her two friends were giving her in the jewelry store. Of course, she was uncomfortable just being in the store.

"What about these?" Emma exclaimed, almost impaling Tesla with the backs of a pair of earrings.

"They're cute, but they seem, I don't know, lethal?" Tesla took the large accessory/dagger from her friends hand, hanging them in their rightful place- away from her.

"Come on, T! You need more than just a necklace! A bracelet or something more!" Grabbing her hand, Emma pulled Tesla to the opposite side of the store.

"Fine, maybe you're right. It's just that I'll never wear this stuff again," That was true, "so why waste the money?"

"It is not a waste of money! You'll look so lovely, you'll thank me later. How about this one?" Seeing the circled silver necklace in her friends hand, Tesla couldn't help but imagine the chain necklace resting on the back of her neck, the realistic representation of a heart charm resting near her literal heart. Sighing, Tesla agreed by taking the necklace in her hand, shaking her head at how enticing her friends were.

Much to Tesla's relief, she managed to wave away any other suggestions of materials to add to her outfit for the night. The same could not be said for Emma, who indeed bought herself three different types of additions to her already fashionable attire, and a pair of heels, although she had already bought heels for the dance months before.

As the cashier scanned the single necklace to Tesla, she was even more glad she had bought nothing else.This shop was way to overpriced for her own earnings to cover much more. Bags in hand, they both walked into the parking lot, where their cars stood side by side.

"I need to pick up some makeup for tomorrow, wanna come?" Emma suggested. Tesla shook her head,

"No thanks, I've got studying to do," A flabbergasted Emma stared back at her.

"You would rather study than go shopping?"

"No, but I have a huge test coming up that I planned to study for tomorrow. Now, though, I'm going to the dance, and I can't exactly bring a text book in." Laughing, Tesla unlocked her car and sat in the driver's seat. Emma did the same in her own car.

"Fine, have fun." Emma mocked. Tesla rolled her eyes, and started her car as she buckled her seat belt.

"Hey! You might want to get your smog checked, it's pretty dark over there."

In fact, Emma was correct. What had once been a clear day had turned into a murky scene in a matter of seconds. Only around Tesla, and she frowned.

"Yeah, maybe Sunday," Tesla mumbled, unsettled now. Shaking her head sightly, she pulled out of her parking space and set out for her home.

Tesla never liked driving, never had, never would. It gave her a strange sense of loneliness and stress, a combination of feelings she didn't enjoy having. She hummed quietly to herself as she pulled into a red light. Although she never favored driving, what made it bearable was the silence. She enjoyed being immersed in her own mind, even if it meant she had to be driving to do it. The light turned a piercing green, and she inched her foot harder onto the pedal to accelerate.

Important life lesson of the day; don't daydream while you're driving. That is exactly what happened to Tesla, and had her fate not already been planned, she would've been in huge trouble. So lost in her own mind, she didn't see the other car speeding past its red light. If she had, she would've skidded to a stop in time to avoid it, but no, she kept driving. Only when the car was feet from slamming into her own car did she see it, and let out a shrill scream.

She didn't know what was happening when her car was engulfed in darkness; she assumed she had passed out, or been killed on impact. But when the light came back a minute later, and there was no longer a car speeding at her, it should have been an omen. It was seconds later when she skidded to a stop at the side of the road, letting her scream die out.

Peering around, there was no car in sight. No sound of the engine in the distance, no visible wreckage. It was as if the entire event never happened. Like it vanished out of thin air. With that thought, she slowly merged back into the lane, with wide eyes and a clear mind. She blew the event off as if it had happened in her mind, letting blissful ignorance take her over.

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