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"Some creatures just cannot help but stand out from all the rest."
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2. iki


Calum Thomas Hood died on November 7th, 2014. ((omfg i am so sorry you guys dont kill me))

He was said to be found in his bedroom, laying next to an empty bottle of pills.

I don't know why, but I cried for hours. I actually felt like I had a real friend and he killed himself.

Why am I even here?

I'm done.


Waking up in an unfamiliar room isn't exactly what I bargained for. But, that's what happened.

"Hello, Ms. Cooper. Welcome to Sydney Mental Institute. Do you know why you are here ?" A nurse walked in, holding a clipboard. What happened ? 

"A-all I remember was someone I knew died and then the rest I don't remember." I replied and he wrote something on his clipboard.

"Well it seems, Ms. Cooper, you attempted suicide to be with what your parents suspected as your lover. Calum Hood, was his name." The nurse smiled softly and looked into my eyes.

"He-he wasn't my lover. He was my only friend." I said, a single tear rolling down my eye.

"Well, your parents left all your things here for you. It's at the foot of the bed. Get changed and come out. A nurse will be waiting for you outside the door."

The nurse left and I stood up and gained balance. After a good 30 seconds, I walked to the foot of the bed, where a pink suitcase was. I pulled out a black wool sweater and a pair of leggings. I easily slid the over-sized clothes onto my slim torso, pulled the tights on, and slid into a sea-foam colored TOMS.

I walked out of the room and another guy nurse smiled at me.

"Ms. Cooper, we will be taking you to the gym. You can either sit down, or socialize." The nurse quietly said and began walking holding my arm in his grip.

We got to the gym and almost immediately I noticed a boy with fiery red hair. Everybody turned around as soon as the large doors slammed closed. 

Two girls walked up to me and I immediately tried to walk back but the nurse gave me a little push to them.

"Hi, I'm Gillian and this is Maddie. We can show you around, if you want ?" The one with skin almost the same color as Calums said and took my hand, the girl next to her that looked almost exactly like a mini Ariana Grande ((no joke my friend Maddie looks like a mini Ariana)) smiled. 

We walked around for about 5 minutes, saying hi to random people, until we stopped at a group of three boys.

"Hi guys! This is Melody. She's new here today." Maddie smiled and pushed me a bit to them.

"Hi, I'm Luke Hemmings. Nice to meet you, Mel." The tall skinny blonde boy said.

"Hey Melly, I'm Ashton Irwin. And I'm a cool person." Curly said. He's kind of cute.

I turned to the boy with the fiery red hair, and all he did was stare me up and down.\

"Sorry, this is Michael Clifford, he doesn't talk much." Luke said and I gave Michael a simple smile. Maybe that's all it took.

He just gave a simple wave. Good enough.


Later in therapy, the doctor gave each of us a notebook. We had to name our notebook, decorate it, and write how we felt today in it.

I named my notebook Calum. It's what I felt was right. I cut out some pictures (with some retarded child scissors) of skateboards and Leonardo DiCaprio and pasted them on it.

Once in was done, I opened it and began writing.

November 8th, 2014


I miss you. I probably had a worse reaction than I should've. We'd only know each other for about a week. But in that week, I felt like I actually had a friend. But you left me. Why? Why, Calum? You knew from the first day we met I was there for you.

But I miss you so much. With every god damned fiber of my being.

I just broke when you left, Calum. Did you know I attempted suicide just to be with you ?

But, I met a boy, Calum. He's gorgeous.

He has fiery red hair (he's not a ginger, it was dyed) and dreamy eyes.

His name is Michael Clifford.

But the bad thing is, he doesn't talk at all.

I wanna get him out of his shell.

I think he could help me be complete.

I love you, Calum.

Save me a seat in Heaven next to you and Kurt Cobain.

Rock on,

Melody Cooper.

When I was finished writing, I closed my notebook and waited. But as soon as I started to look around, I spotted Michael staring at me. I didn't dare look away.

It occurred to me why they call it eye contact ((oops had to))

We made eye contact until our doctor told us we were free to go to our rooms.

I left the class room in a hurry and immediately found Maddie.

"Maddie, hi." I breathed and walked up to her.

"Hi, Mel. Wanna go to my room with me? We get an hour and a half of free time." Maddie smiled and walked with me to her room.

"So, Maddie. I'll tell you why I'm here if you tell me why you're here." I said and sat down on her bed.

"O-Okay. I'm here because a doctor said I'm Schizophrenic. My parents were always worried because ever since I was younger I had a 'imaginary' friends named Connor. But, he's real. I swear it. I-I love him." Maddie said. I hugged her and rubbed her back.

"My reason sounds very shitty compared to yours. I met a boy at group therapy about a week ago ((who else now has the song in their heads?)) and right away I knew I actually had a friend. But, yesterday," A tear rolled down my cheek. "he committed suicide. So I attempted so I would be with my only friend forever." I said and Maddie held me closer.

"It's okay, Mel. I'm your friend, so is Gillian. We're here for you." Maddie said and took my hand, drawing an infinity sign with her finger.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Lights out!"

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