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"Some creatures just cannot help but stand out from all the rest."
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4. dört - backstories.


Melody Cooper is in the Mental Hospital because mainly of Calum committing suicide. But, she said that it was because Calum was her 'only friend'. Not true. Melody had unknowingly liked Calum as more than a friend. Mel is a hopeless romantic, that is why she felt something with Michael so quickly. 

((I have actually related Melody to myself quite a bit, I too, am a hopeless romantic. Though someone I've liked has never committed suicide, I put a lot of my feelings into Melody.))

Besides attempting suicide, Melody mentioned in the first chapter that she has a nightmare disorder. When she was younger, she experienced something that was horrible. Her family all died in a fire. She was adopted. She was forced to grow up at a young age of 13, and learn how to take of herself because her adoptive parents were always at work.


Calum Hood was physically, verbally, and sexually abused. He had many things wrong with him. Cal was a wreck. He always felt as if he had no one but his sister, Mali. Calum was abused in all these ways since the very young age of 4 fours years old. When Calum turned 16, he started to smoke cigarettes and do drugs, and when his father found him with a cigarette in his mouth, he took it out and proceeded to burn Cal with it, everywhere. (when I say everywhere, I mean, everywhere.).

Calum committed suicide because he finally came out to his parents that he was, yes, homosexual, and they went ballistic. His father beat him within an inch of his life. So later that night, Calum took his whole entire bottle of anti- depressants. And overdosed. ((i feel v v cruel for writing this, i'm sorry calum ily))


Maddie Lavin is Schizophrenic. The reason being, her parents. They expect Maddie to be a perfect girl, never do anything wrong, and get perfect grades. Maddie was working so hard at trying to do all of this, she didn't have any time to make any friends. One day, she met a boy of the name of Connor Black. He talked to her everyday at the park and was her only friend. When Maddie was 16 she told her parents about Connor and they wanted to meet him. She 'brought' him home, and her parents laughed right in her face because Connor was not real. Maddie got really upset and thus tried to not only kill herself, but Connor also. 

Landing her in Sydney Mental Institute.


Gillian Corona has always shown obsessive behavior. From TV shows and movies, to singers, actors, and YouTubers. She had a thing for the one and only, Connor Franta. She spent hours of her day, trying to get a follow or at least noticed. She got VidCon tickets and was over the moon happy that she might be able to meet Connor Franta. When VidCon came around and he walked up to her to take a photo, Gillian was so enraged that she would never see him again. She took the picture and left. Later that same night, Gillian searched where Connor would be and broke into his hotel room while he was taking a shower. ((lawl did she him nude. lol sHE SAW HIS NOODLE)) She went in and threw a blanket over him and dragged him out of the room, kidnapping him.

Some guards noticed and called the police. Instead of locking her up in Jail, they put her in a Mental Hospital.


Luke Hemmings is paranoid of everything. He always believed those Facebook pictures and posts that said if you don't share you'll die. One time, Luke's brother, Jack posted something and his friend commented saying 'you're apart of a cult, aren't you?' or something like that. Luke got so parannoid that for some reason, Jack would kill him. So Luke tried to kill Jack. His parents came in and saw Luke on top of Jack, with a slash on the arm and a cut from next to his eye to his neck.

They brought Luke to the Mental Institute almost immediately.

Jack is okay though.


Ashton Irwin is here because he self harms and almost successfully hung himself. He was bullied, no one even knew why. He self harmed because he felt worthless and he thought no one cared. One day, Ashton was on Twitter and someone DMed him a link to a YouTube video. He clicked on it and read what it was Who Ashton Irwin really isAshton watched the video from start to finish and was devastated that someone would go that far as to mock him in a video. Ash felt as if no one was there and could here him screaming so he grabbed a belt from his closet and set up his death, he attached himself to it and jumped off his computer chair.

His mom walked in to tell him dinner was ready to see his son dangling from the ceiling. She screamed and got him down immediately. She called an ambulance (using his cell phone.) and they rushed him to a hospital because he was a very faint heartbeat. They almost couldn't bring him back, but miraculously he woke up.

His mother brought him to the Mental Institute, even though Ashton was kicking and crying he was okay. She just wanted him to be fixed.

((I feel like Ashton's is the longest so far. Idk I put a lot of thought into Ashton.))


Michael Clifford is in the hospital because of multiple reasons. But, let's start from the beginning. Michael was beginning to get messed up when he was 17 years old and his mother brought him to a doctor. He diagnosed him a very long list of disorders. Bipolar disorder, PTSD, bulimia, anorexia, and insomnia. His mother begged the doctor to have him put into a Mental Hospital and he simply stated, "He has't taken action, therefore, we cannot.". Michael's mother took him home and didn't say a word.

Michael went to his Senior Year party and his friend gave him some LSD, him being drunk, he took it. He was going crazy, he went to a Hospital and told the nurse he wanted to kill himself, then, told her he would have sex with her and then kill her also. Being scared, she called another nurse and they checked him into Sydney Mental Institute.

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