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"Some creatures just cannot help but stand out from all the rest."
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1. bir


        It was one of those days. The kind when you just have no clue what you want to do with your life anymore. And that's what happened to me on the day off November 4th, 2014. I started the day of horribly. Waking up late for group therapy was something I'd not hope happened.

Why am I in therapy, you may ask ?

Well, ever since I was 15, I have been having 'Night terrors'. I will not get into to the story now.


        So the seven, eight, or nine of us sat down down in group therapy. Our leader, Jason, had us talk about ourselves. I hated this.

"I'm Melody Cooper. I'm 17, and I'm live with night terrors and depression, I'm okay today. I guess." I said when it got around to my turn and watched a boy that I have been making awkward eye contact with for the past 5 minutes, Calum, I think his name was. He suffered suicidal thoughts and actions. And he was tired today... I know what that means. He's a nice kid.

"Now," Jason said. "we're going to do something different today. Find a partner, please." As soon as he said that, Calum and I made eye contact. I guess that means we're going to be partners. I stood up and made my way over to him, sitting in the chair next to him.

"Hi, Calum."

"Melody, hey."

We sat next to each other and awaited for Jason to give us directions.

"Okay, now with your partners, I want you guys to actually create a poem together. Mix y'alls feeling into one. It'll be fun."

So Calum and I got to know each other a little more.

He was 18, had one sister, and she was his only friend.

"Well you have me, now. I'm here for you Calum." I said and rubbed his shoulder, he flinched. I can tell he's not used to physical affection. I apologized immediately.

"It's okay," he said, I smiled. "now let's do this poem."

And so we worked.


        We finished about 13 minutes later, and I must say, it was pretty good.

; and it's hard

i stay here,


screaming and


but, you

do not

hear me.

(c.h & m.c)

"We make a good team." Calum smiled and we high fived.

"Yeah, we do." I smiled back.

Soon group therapy was over.

I never saw Calum again.


my first chapters are always short tbh

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