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"Some creatures just cannot help but stand out from all the rest."
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5. beş



A lot has happened in the last day. Yesterday, I thought I'd tell Luke, one of Michael's friends, that I kind of liked Mike, and he ended up hearing. He heard Calum, he did. And now, he won't stop staring at me. More than usual, too.

I fucked up, okay ? But maybe I should talk to him or something.

I need boy advice. I don't know who to ask. Ashton, maybe? I think I'll go to his room later and talk to him.

Sorry I didn't write that much today. I love you.

Rock on, 

Melody Cooper.

I needed to find Ashton. 

I walked out of my room and into the TV room (there wasn't actually a TV in there, assholes), and he was sat at a table with Michael.

Michael glanced up and noticed me. He looked at Ashton and handed him a paper before swiftly getting up and speeding past me, out of the room.

I nodded my head and walked over to Ashton, sitting in the chair that Michael was in.

"Hi, Ashton..." I dragged on and looked down.

"Hey." Ashton chirped. Wow, he's really happy.

"I'm sorry you had to hear what I said last night, and honestly I need your advice. You're a boy, right? -"

"Well I'd think I am." Ashton interrupted. "But, I have to go to therapy. This should explain everything." He said and handed me the same sheet of folded paper Michael slid him earlier.

For Melody. I smiled and opened it.

It took a minute to read the messy handwriting, but I was able to make it out.


I heard you last night. I don't know what to feel. I'm not mad, more just, confused. No girl ever likes me.

I don't talk much, I'm sorry. But, I do like to write. 

You're different, Melody. This sounds cliche, but I like to look at you. Why? Because, I enjoy looking at beautiful people. And you, you're more beautiful than an angel herself.

I guess I got a little happy that you said you liked me. Because, well, I guess I like you.

I hate to disappoint you, but, I'm too emotionally unstable for a relationship.

I'm sorry, -

And that's where I folded it back up and shoved it in my pocket. 

I was done reading it. I didn't care anymore. He didn't want a relationship. ((simmer down why don't u melody))

I stood up and walked out, I guess it's completely irrelevant for me to be angry. But, I can still feel some hurt, can't I?

I was walking to my bedroom when Maddie and Gillian spotted me, they smiled. I just gave a blank stare and went into my room. I might be over-reacting, but he said the worst thing. 'I'm too emotionally unstable for a relationship.'. I understand that completely, but he couldv'r worded it differently, I guess.

When I took off my jacket, I lied down on my bed and spent hours just thinking of different ways to help him.


"Melody. Melody wake up." Someone unknown whispered. My first reaction was to jump up.

But, I was quite shocked when I looked up and saw Michael, sitting on my bed.

"Mi-Michael ? Why are you in here? And, are you actually talking to me?" I questioned.

"I thought I deserved you an explanation. Gillian said you looked angry." Damn it Gillian ((same)). He looked all around nervous and worried.

"Michael, I don't know why, but I feel something every time we look at each other. And I wasn't saying I wanted a relationship, but I guess I was just disappointed that you said you were too emotionally unstable." I looked in his eyes, meaning every word. I really did feel something whenever I looked at him.

"Did you even read the whole note?" Michael laughed. That was the first time I ever heard Michael laugh.


"Maybe you should." He intently stared.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed the note and opened it back up.

I'm sorry, I do like you.

But, maybe we should try to be friends first.

Don't worry, I believe we'll get there.

- Michael G Clifford

I giggled and asked, "What does 'G' stand for?".

"It's my middle name," He began. "it's Gordon. I don't really like it all that much."

"I think it's cute, Michael Gordon Clifford." I smiled and put emphasis on Gordon.

He smiled, and looked at me. "I like you, Melody Cooper." He reached and enter-wined our pinkies together. He squeezed and let out a breathy laugh. 

This boy really was a wonder.

I looked over at the clock, 5:57 am

"Michael, they're going to wake us up in 3 minutes for classes and/or therapy." I slightly frowned. He just smiled again and stood up, letting go of my pinkie in the process.

"I will see you in English." He smiled and left.

Oh, goodbye then.

I lied back down and waited for like a minute for the nurses to come wake us all up.

"Melody Cooper, awake." He sternly said. Like that's going to wake anybody up.

I kind of stretched to give off the illusion that I was sleeping, then I sat up.

The nurse walked away and I went to the drawers that now held my clothes, and got out a plain black tee, black skinny jeans, and a red & black flannel. I slid into everything and put on my all black VANS.

I walked out and spotted Michael with Luke. He smiled and they walked to me.

I looked at what they both were wearing. Luke and I looked at each other and smiled.

"You stole my outfit, Hemmings." He was wearing the same thing.

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