The dance


2. The dance

(Moriah's pov) 

"I'm going to pick up jade mom,"i said " wait i have something for before you go,"mom said."Ok I'm coming,"i said"i am upstairs ,"mom said"ok,"i said i made my way upstairs and she was on the computer.Then she handed my a small bag."She said,"don't open it till you get out side."oh and i need to talk to you when you get home,"she said"ok,"i said in confusion."we'll see you when you get home,"she said"ok bye ,"i said.I ran down stairs and got out the door. Then i opened the bag quickly with excitement and i pulled out a new phone with.Inernet i ran down the streat and there was still Inernet and i pulled out some headphones.Well i looked at the contact list there was my moms number.So i texted  her a thank you.

(text with mom)

Me-thank you so much mom

Mom-your welcome sweaty

Me-but how did you get me this and why

Mom-we saved up some and graps pitched in a bit and because we felt bad  about what happened the other day

Me-oh but thank you any way and you didn't know that would happen 

Mom-i know but we felt sorry

Me-well think you gotto go 


Me-bye see you later 


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