Why me...?


5. ch3

•Chris pov•

Why is she backing away from me.. What did I do to her.. She looks scared or something no she can't be scared of me.. Like I know I'm not that "good" I do have a rep. But still she's hot and I want to get into her pants and HER begging for more.. Not be scared of me..

I'm slowly leaning closer and closer to her.. Dam! she's turning me on.. I want her to be turn on by me.. I notice she's trying to not look into my eyes.. Well baby that one of my techniques in flirting that all girls love from me..


Okay he is too close to me.. But I LIKE it.. It feels so right, maybe he's the one.. NO KELLY snap out of it he's just a cocky boy that just wants to get into your pants.. Obviously just look at him he has the bad boy look and-

I was cut off by two fingers tips place on the bottom of my chin and lifting my head up. Ooh my! He's eyes... There it goes I'm done.. I blew it now he knows I'm weak..

He leans closer our chest touching.. And gently moves his lips up my jawline and stop till he reach near my ear

"babe, u drop your phone" he whispers.. As much as I love it.. But the blood started to boil up in my body.. WHO HE THINK HE IS! I am not a slut!

"Look ass.. Don't call me babe cause I'll never be and your the only one now that looks desperate here! Not me!... So desperate thinking that I will actually enjoy your 'flirting techniques'.. When BABE! I think u need to update them cause they ain't working for me!!.. Now don't be a dumb ass and give me My fucking phone..so I can move on in my life and u can go find some other whore just like u!" Wow! I feel so great! Good job KELLY good job KELLY.lol

I shove him and snatch my phone out of his hands and grab my bag and walk away with out saying another word..oh yea I'm a badass 😌😎

•Chris pov•


I was not expecting that.....but dam! she's something else and I like it and I want it.. And I'm not going to stop till I have what I'm pleased with 💪😌☝️


Authors note•

Heyy so I no, i no, u guy I prob really mad at me for not updating...but.. there's a reason.. So I have school and I have so much testing and studying. that I had not have any free time, sleep time (so I look really ratchet, without my beauty sleep lol😂💁) and I'm sorry, I don't no when I'm going to update this again but HOPEFULLY soon.. I'm just doing this while I'm here at the parking lot waiting for my ride home so I can do my retarted HW when I get home.. So hopefully that kind of pictures u how lately I have been busy.. But plz stay with me guy I love u and I love to write and love when your guys comment to me on my wall so plz do that and lots and lots of love from EVERYWHERE from my body not just my heart.....AND!...my ride is here 😂 so byeeee✌️👋❤️

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