Why me...?


3. ch2


"SOME MORE!" I sing the last part of the song now I just notice that my throat is hurting. Yea maybe singing isn't my thing.. Whatever yolo. Wow did I just say yolo I'm so lame. That was so 2 years ago. oOH my gosh I just sound like one of those.. Umm.. What you call them umm..

OOOHH!! " bubble blondes"

" what bubble blondes?" Tori says while we were walking to our lockers. Oops did I just say ' bubble blondes' out loud Uhhh! I can be so stupid.. Nice move Kelly..

"Nothing" I said alittle to quick

"Ohh come on tell me PLEASE.." She always begged typical Tori. See what I mean she can be annoying sometimes

"Fine. Well I was thinking in the car that-" I stop cause Tori wasn't even paying any attention to me what the fuck?!. I snap my fingers to her face a couple of times.., but nothing it's like she's in a whole different world." Tori HELLO Tori-" and I got cut off again. Tori close my locker an put her books against her chest leaned close to me

" who's the fine.. New kid over there" I knew it had to be a boy cause she was BITTING her bottom lip. Turn to where she was looking at and- OOOH MY GOSH!!

He has tight black jeans, a white t-shirt v neck and it was alittle bit up so u can defiantly tell he was fit cause his v-line 😍😍, he had a sexy black lip ring on the bottom lip, the top of his hair was sticking out to the side out of his beanie, and HISS EYES WERE a deep gray OMFG he was sexy

Tori saw my wide eyes and started to laugh

"Hahah.. Come on Kelly haha we have to get to class" before that she pulls me once again with Out me noticing

As she pulls my arm I look back to see if I close my locker. BAMMM!! I slam into something really hard "fucking shit!"

" that's not really nice to say to a new guy, are u going to be my new bully babe" it was a sexy deep voice

I look up an it was him.. OOOH MY GOSHJDJJDJDNDJJDKSJHLZBD!!! Tori did this purposely I'm going to kill her

"Sorry I didn't see u there... Wait did u call me babe?"

"Yea why BABE" retard.

"Don't call me that.. Ass" I get up and pat the dust off my pants

" haha your funny little cute girl are u.."

"My not fucking little ass.." I look around to see where my phone went and this whole time I didn't look at him straight in the eyes.. Maybe cause that's my weak spot.. Looking at straight into a persons beautiful eyes.. What am I saying Kelly.. Stop it, shut up.

I see him walking closer to me an that's when I start to take a few steps back. Until my back hit the wall..OH CRAP THIS GUY IS LIKE GOING TO LIKE.. Rape me or something.. Don't look at his eyes don't look at his eyes Kelly don't look weak.

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