Story Notebook

I'm keeping a notebook full of stories, and I though I'd share some with you guys. It's not quite full, but it's getting there. Rated Y for some violence.


4. Hope at Home

Head's Up, Percy Jackson Fans:  This short story I wrote as a project based on The Last Olympian.  I wanted to play around with Colbie's relationship with the Percy Jackson characters a little more, because I haven't really done a lot regarding that.

     Hope you guys like it.

* * *

"Aw, Caitlin, I was really looking forward to this summer!" I complained, reading over my best friend's letter.  I couldn't believe my luck ... for the second time in over a year, I was, once again, not allowed at Camp Half-Blood.

     My name is Colbie Morrow, and my best friend is a demigod daughter of Hermes.

     Things are starting to get dangerous, Caitlin's letter simply said.  I know you wanted to come back, but Chiron said no mortals this year.  End of story.

     I heaved a sigh, and started to type up an e-mail.  I thought about calling Annabeth over the course of the school year, but I thought about what I was told about demigods and cell phones.

     Using a cell phone is like sending up a flare to every monster within a ten-mile radius, Annabeth said my second summer at Camp Half-Blood, when I asked about her not returning my calls.  Look, I'm sorry about not returning your calls.  Half the time, the service I get is very poor anyway.

     I came to a halt typing my e-mail.  It read:

     Hey, Annabeth,

  I know things have been getting dangerous since last summer, but I have a funny feeling you guys are going to need luck.  I'm hoping this threat passes.

  Things are starting to get weird around here, too.  I think I might've seen a harpy or two lurking the back alleys of Minot.  If whatever's happening in New York is branching out into the rest of the United States, I know for a fact things are going to change.  I'm not so sure it'll be for the better.

  I heard about Luke.  I feel sorry for you.  I know how much you looked up to him, how much you admired him, but, as Caitlin mentioned in a letter she sent me, things are changing.  Maybe Luke turning into Kronos last summer was supposed to happen, like Typhon was supposed to escape.  If fate wills it, there's no fighting it.  That reminds me:  Could you relay a message for me?  Tell Percy I wish him the best of luck.  I  hope he and Beckendorf blow the Princess Andromeda to bits.

Miss you, and everyone at Camp Half-Blood,


     I hoped it would be enough for my demigod friends in New York to remind them I was still their friend, no matter what happened.  I wanted to be with them physically, but, like last year, Chiron warned me things were starting to get dangerous through Caitlin.  Every year, since the sixth grade, I would help Chiron supervise and tend to injuries during Capture the Flag nights.  All I ever did was help clean and inspect cabins, worked with Percy on his ancient Greek and Greek mythology, and helped Silena Beaugard with the pegasi.  All in all, I wasn't much help.  It was enough I was invited to spend my summer vacation at camp, but learn to how to use an ancient weapon?  Forget it!  Apparently, I was too fragile to use a sword compared to the demigods.  I knew how to handle a bow and a set of arrows.  I could throw a javelin if I had to.  That's it, regarding my ability to protect myself.

     It wasn't that I was ungrateful I could spend my summers there.  It's fun.  I looked forward to it.  I guess being mortal has its limits.

     Things started getting tense last summer, when Annabeth led her first quest.  I worried about my friends a lot, especially ever since Kronos's resurrection.  It was very possible Kronos would win this time, now that the Olympians were distracted with Typhon.

     I shook my head, trying to rid the bad thoughts.  Percy and Annabeth were a dynamic duo.  They would send Kronos packing.  Things would turn out okay.

     At least, I hoped things would turn out okay.

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