Story Notebook

I'm keeping a notebook full of stories, and I though I'd share some with you guys. It's not quite full, but it's getting there. Rated Y for some violence.


2. Cyberchase Madlib - Hacker's Birthday Surprise by Willy

Quick Note:  My little brother (@walrus774) made this version out of spite.  Anybody remember this?

     I'm betting he's trolling right now ...

* * *

It was Willy's birthday and Jackie, Matt, Inez and Digit had just arrived in Fatopolis for the party.  All their friends from Cyberspace were there.

     Suddenly, Motherboard's face appeared on a mouse.  "Hacker alert!" she said.  "Hacker ... stole ... presents!"

     "C'mon!  We've got to fart!" said Digit as he stood up.

     "Digit, you're a toaster!" said Inez.

     "I am?" said Digit.

     "Yeah!  I just remembered something about Hacker," said Inez.  "C'mon, I'll show you!"

     The CyberSquad snuck up to the Grim Wreaker.  The all put on fat cat costumes and walked up the ramp.

     When they walked in, Hacker was unwrapping all the presents.

     "Oh no!" said Matt.

     Hacker turned around.  "Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?" he said.

     Digit spoke in a funny Italian accent.  "We are from the safety agency.  Those gifts must come with us.  Don't you know they are all explosive?"

     "What!?" exclaimed Hacker.  "They are??  Take them!  Get them away from me!!!"

     The CyberSquad grabbed everything and ran out.

     "Why did Hacker give up so easily?" asked Jackie.

     "There's only one thing Hacker is more afraid of than ghosts," said Inez.  "He's scared of anything that is explosive!"

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