Dating A Bad Boy

Layla Irwin and Ashton Irwin have moved there whole life. There dad was abusive and there mother divorced him but couldn't keep hold of how many schools Layla was bullied at.

She's 16 and Ashton asked their mum to move Layla into his high school which that didn't mind.

On the first day Layla comes in and Tina (the most populist girl ) hates her and wants to ruin her.

Layla falls in love but if Ashton finds out he will be angry. Weeks after she sleeps with this certain guy and realises that guy she likes is one of the bad boys.


4. the movie

Luke's POV

We all sat down Layla next to me so if she was scared she'd have someone to hold. I didn't think her brother would let her. Ashton gave me a few glances to see if Layla was still on the other side of the couch and she was. I like her. I've kissed her. Is that why she won't cuddle with me? Half way through the other guys were whispering to I tapped Layla's leg with my foot, "hey Layla, you don't want to cuddle with me do you ?" She looked at me and smiled ," luke I'm not scared. And I don't think my brother wants me too either look..." She said glancing over to Ashton who was giving me a deathly glare.

Layla's POV

After the movie and the pizza, Ashton and the others ran to the basement and came back up "sis I know it's yours but can I use your camera?" I looked at him thinking no but I didn't want to seem mean to the others but some how I said no "no ash you know I use it for youtube and I need it for later." I pleaded. I looked behind My brothers back to see like begging because he forgot his camera. I couldn't say no now "Layla can we please I left my camera at home?" He said looking in my eyes "fine!" I said watching them all but Ashton go back to the basement "Layla is there something between you and luke I mean you and him wouldn't cuddle when he got the remote you guys took a while and then as soon as he asked can I use the camera you said -" I interrupted " ash, nothing's going on it's just all your friends are hitting on me and I've just stopped doing what I used to do .,." He walked away saying "talk later!"

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