Dating A Bad Boy

Layla Irwin and Ashton Irwin have moved there whole life. There dad was abusive and there mother divorced him but couldn't keep hold of how many schools Layla was bullied at.

She's 16 and Ashton asked their mum to move Layla into his high school which that didn't mind.

On the first day Layla comes in and Tina (the most populist girl ) hates her and wants to ruin her.

Layla falls in love but if Ashton finds out he will be angry. Weeks after she sleeps with this certain guy and realises that guy she likes is one of the bad boys.


2. schools closed

Layla's POV

We arrived at school and we were greeted by teachers saying school was closed due too teachers or something. So we hopped back in the car but this time I was sitting by luke.

"Hey Layla !" He said smiling "yes !" I said looking at him "your cute ignor what they said I know I said I'd bang you but I'd want you to want to aswell " he said blushing "don't worry luke " i said poking his cheek "sis!" Ashton called. "is it ok if luke Callum and Michael stay the night ?" He said looking at me "erm sure ?" I said confused "ash you've never asked me ?" He laughed "mums never left me in charge either I just want to make sure you'll be ok ?" He said turning the car on and then driving Away.

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