Dating A Bad Boy

Layla Irwin and Ashton Irwin have moved there whole life. There dad was abusive and there mother divorced him but couldn't keep hold of how many schools Layla was bullied at.

She's 16 and Ashton asked their mum to move Layla into his high school which that didn't mind.

On the first day Layla comes in and Tina (the most populist girl ) hates her and wants to ruin her.

Layla falls in love but if Ashton finds out he will be angry. Weeks after she sleeps with this certain guy and realises that guy she likes is one of the bad boys.


5. later on

Layla's POV

I looked at my phone to see what time it was. Only ten. "Hey Layla I know it's late but what were you talking about earlier I didn't mean to upset you ..." Ashton said sitting next to my wrapping his arms around me "ash please. I just can live like this anymore. Mums gone. Dad doesn't want me. I told my friends that I self harm and now I have non. I'm scared ash. I've only just stopped I don't want to start again. " I said crying onto his shoulder "Layla you know I used to cut but I am strong now and your stronger than me. If you say nothings going on between ..." "Ash all your friends were hitting on me how do you not know I might actually date one of them instead of luke !" I joked wiping the remains of my tears "what your dating my mates my closest mates ? Wait who?!" He gasped "I'm joking stupid. Your suck and idiot " he laughed "but I'm a special idiot " he laughed again "why are you a special idiot ?" I asked "cuz I have you and next person to have you will be another special idiot " he smiled "I love you ash" I said "no get off my. Bed and out of my room ?" He smiled "yeah I'm going now !" He said laughing "but admit it you like like ?" "Ashton ! Out now !" I yelped ignoring him

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