Dating A Bad Boy

Layla Irwin and Ashton Irwin have moved there whole life. There dad was abusive and there mother divorced him but couldn't keep hold of how many schools Layla was bullied at.

She's 16 and Ashton asked their mum to move Layla into his high school which that didn't mind.

On the first day Layla comes in and Tina (the most populist girl ) hates her and wants to ruin her.

Layla falls in love but if Ashton finds out he will be angry. Weeks after she sleeps with this certain guy and realises that guy she likes is one of the bad boys.


1. Irwin family


Layla and Ashton Irwin always move. My their dad is very abusive towards them so their mother divorces him. But everything she does messes up! Layla was sent to many schools but was bullied in every single one. This all stopped when Ashton decided that Layla should go to his high school and if she gets bullied he would be there. But Ashton doesent know what wa bullying Layla, no one knows. Only the person who is doing it knows and they do it every time she moves school.

Layla's POV

I woke up and got ready to go to a new school. I wish I wasn't bullied by anyone because I'm always moving. But this time I'm going to dress the way I want and act the way I actually am and not who I think I should be. I wore my nirvana t-shirt and my ripped skinny black jeans with my black and yellow striped pumps. "You ready " Ashton (my brother ) asked leaning on the door. "I see your actually going as your self!" He said laughing "yeah I know. I'm scared ash-" I hear to loud knocks "come open the door while I make breakfasting in work.." We walked down stairs and I opened the door "hey come in!" I said opening the door "I'll get my brother !" I walked to the kitchen "who are they ?" I asked "guys from my school who you've never met!" He said handing me my breakfast "come one I'll let you meet them. They don't bite but they do kiss. " he said winking and laughing. "Guys this is my sister Layla " I waved as they all said "hey" "nice hair " one of them said who had bright red hair "Michael stop hitting on my sister !" "Ash shut up he only said nice hair, thanks " I said blushing. " come on guys let's get into my car " Ashton said as we all walked out.

I was sat in the back with the one named Callum. "Hey!" He said looking at me " nice piercing you have there !" He said looking at my lip which made me feel very uncomfortable. "Thanks ..." I said looking away " your really -" he was interupted "Callum likes Layla ! Callum likes Layla !" The others said laughing he turned bright red and just said "I-I-I don't Any way at least I didn't say if bang her luke !" He said making luke turn red and micheal laugh and Ashton almost die. "What ?" Ashton said "nothing !" We all said looking at each other. Great now I have all my brothers mates liking me.

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