Dating A Bad Boy

Layla Irwin and Ashton Irwin have moved there whole life. There dad was abusive and there mother divorced him but couldn't keep hold of how many schools Layla was bullied at.

She's 16 and Ashton asked their mum to move Layla into his high school which that didn't mind.

On the first day Layla comes in and Tina (the most populist girl ) hates her and wants to ruin her.

Layla falls in love but if Ashton finds out he will be angry. Weeks after she sleeps with this certain guy and realises that guy she likes is one of the bad boys.


3. at home

Layla's POV

We got out of the car and walked into the house "Layla go and get the phone I'll order pizza." "Ash where is it !" I screamed from his room "I'll help her " luke said standing up "be aware like I'm watching you " Ashton said smiling and Calum and mike laughed

Luke's POV

I ran up putting my middle finger up to mike and Calum. "Layla ?" I asked walking into Ashton's room "yeah?" She answered "I'll help you" I walked in soon tripping over a wire falling on the bed pulling Bella on top of me by accident "I'm so sorry Layla I. I. Fell ?" I blushed "don't worry luke can u let go of my waist ?" She asked laughing "so I have to can I just kiss you. I mean we are on a bed ?" I laughed "er-I-n- fine ok..." She laughed soon kissing me. She's an amazing kisser. Soon after we finish we walk down together and hand ash the phone "you really sent your little sister to get that from your shelf ?" I said laughing "yeah I like making her feel small !" He laughed putting his arm on the topic the couch behind Bella. She just laughed "hey Layla do you like horrors ?" Calum asked "erm yeah but I'm always getting scared !" " I could hug you if you want " Michael said laughing but Ashton gave

him a deadly look stopping his laughter. "Michael I'd rather Layla didn't if she's scared -" Calum interupted "yeah mike she wants me I'm trusted me !" He said smirking "no Calum your not right now luke hasn't offered to cuddle Layla even if he did try to hit on her earlier on I'm over that but Luke's not as eager?" Ashton said "what ?" Layla and I said at the same time "Layla is that ok with you I mean you do get scared and this one is pretty bad!" She waited looking at me "I don't mind it's just you are actually going to let me cuddly your best friend and not give a shit? " she looked at him "nah Luke's good it's not like he's pinned you down or forced you into a kiss so I trust him !" "Neither did we" Michael and Calum said "yeah but you guys were too eager " ashton said laughing ...

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