Now You Know

Zelda Lexa Carman moves to Australia alone with her dad. Her mom left when Zelda was only 4 years old. Zelda is going through the last year of high school, senior year. She is almost 18 and has her whole life ahead of her. What happens when everything changes? She meets a boy she never thought she would meet, and secrets she never knew are suddenly revealed. What will she do?


13. Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Zelda's POV:

I woke up next to Luke who was snoring lightly. I still couldn't believe I actually had a boyfriend. Well we had only been together for two days now, but it was nice.

"Luke?" I lightly stroked his cheek, his head cuddled into my lap as I sat up in the bed. I played with his hair while looking at his peaceful face. I could see him smiling; he wasn't sleeping at all.

"We're going to school hansom" I said pushing Luke out of the bed "Hey, why did you do that? I was just lying so comfortably.." He shot up from the floor "Well, I'm sure you enjoyed it but I don't want to be late for school, sleepyhead" I chuckled "I'm the sleepyhead? Hah I'm gonna get you for pushing me off the bed!" Luke flew over the bed towards me and grabbed me tightly flipping me on to the bed.

He then started tickling me "No Luke!! I'm so ticklish, please stop!" Tears were running down my cheeks of laughter. "Are you going to be a good girl now?" Luke grinned evilly "That's what you think" I laughed; my hands found their way to his waist pulling him down on top of me.

I looked into his blue eyes and kissed him. "Do you really want me to be a good girl?" I kissed him again, our tongues met; I slowly pulled back teasing him with a kiss on his neck pushing him off of me. "No don't stop.. Okay fine you don't have to be a good girl.." Luke sat up in the bed grabbing my arm as I stood up. "Luke.. We're gonna be late.." I sighed heavily "Just one more!" He begged pulling me closer "Okay."

He kissed me tenderly holding me tight in his arms. "Let's get moving babe" Luke smacked my butt laughing and ran into the toilet. "Haha" I stuck out my tongue at him.

We got ready, ate breakfast and went outside to wait for the school bus. When the school bus arrived, I walked in to sit near Calum but Luke dragged me further away. "Luke! I'm not gonna stand around for this! Sit down here, figure it out! This roller coaster is closed until you're friends again!" I whispered sternly as I dragged Luke by the ear forcing him to sit down next to Calum.

"Talk!" I sat down in the seat behind them. "Ahem.. Okay" Luke cleared his throat "Luke.. I'm sorry, we all are" Calum said "Me too.. I know you were right about what you said but please.." Luke looked at Calum then looked at me and back at Calum. "We are happy for you Luke, just be careful okay?" Calum smiled "Okay, I will" Luke and Calum hugged each other.

"That's my boys!" I laughed "Now I just need to apologise to Ash and Michael" Luke said holding my hand.

Sorry guys this is a short one, but more is coming soon! Promise ;)

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