Now You Know

Zelda Lexa Carman moves to Australia alone with her dad. Her mom left when Zelda was only 4 years old. Zelda is going through the last year of high school, senior year. She is almost 18 and has her whole life ahead of her. What happens when everything changes? She meets a boy she never thought she would meet, and secrets she never knew are suddenly revealed. What will she do?


16. Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen:

I arrived at Michael's house. Breathing in the fresh air I knocked on the door to his house. "Hi Zelda! Ash and Calum are here" Michael opened the door letting me in.

"Why are we here?" Ash lunged at me when I entered the house "Easy there.. Okay so the reason you're here is because I want you to help me with my Christmas present for Luke" I sat down in a brown leather couch pushing my shoes off.

"And that is what exactly?" Calum looked like a big question mark. I chuckled at his facial expression "A song". "A song? Are you writing one?" Michael sat down beside me, I shook my head "No, I want you to help me find a song for Luke, one I can sing to him Christmas Day, and then record it and give it to him so he can always listen to it"

"Oh that sounds like the perfect gift for Luke" Ashton said smiling. "Will you help me?" I looked at them pleadingly. They all three nodded.

We searched and searched for the perfect song to sing. "This is the one!" I took Michael's guitar and started strumming, while humming the song. "Oh yeah, that'll definitely show him how you feel" Calum smiled amused.

"Alright let's get it recorded, and maybe if you gave him a message on the record that would be cool" Michael said, I nodded "Awesome Michael! I want it to be acoustic, can I borrow your guitar?". Michael nodded, and started fiddling with a microphone and other stuff to record with.

"Thanks guys!" I hugged them mad then started recording the song.

~Christmas Day~

Today's the day I'd be going to sing for Luke. I was so nervous, I hadn't had breakfast or lunch because the butterflies took up too much space. What if he didn't like the present? I had so many things going in my head..

Luke's mom had invited me and dad to Christmas dinner along with Calum, Ashton and Michael. Now dad could meet the other boys as well.

I took a shower putting on a red dress with a leather vest/jacket. I did my hair in a messy braid, putting on a bit of mascara and blush leaving my lips the centre of attention; I found my darker red lipstick at put it on. Now I was ready.

"Ready dad?" I walked out of my room finding dad in the kitchen. "Wow, Zel you look like a star!" Dad turned around gasping. "Aww dad you're making me blush!" I chuckled lightly giving him a hug.

We made our way to Luke's, as we stood in front of the door to his house my heart started beating quickly. "Hello!" Liz greeted us by the door "Nice to finally meet you Ed!"

"You too Liz!" Dad smiled and shook her hand. I hug Liz and walk inside the house. I was met by four happy faces looking at me. "Zelda? Wow you look absolutely stunning!" Luke hugged me kissing me on the cheek. "Thanks babe! You look sexy" I whispered dryly into his ear.

He giggled lightly and discretely smacked my butt. "Hi guys!" I said hugging Ash, Calum and Mikey. "Are you ready for later?" Calum whispered, I nodded hesitantly "I'm so nervous".

"You'll be fine" he said squeezing my hand. "Thanks Cal".

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