Now You Know

Zelda Lexa Carman moves to Australia alone with her dad. Her mom left when Zelda was only 4 years old. Zelda is going through the last year of high school, senior year. She is almost 18 and has her whole life ahead of her. What happens when everything changes? She meets a boy she never thought she would meet, and secrets she never knew are suddenly revealed. What will she do?


11. Eleven

Chapter eleven

Luke's POV:

Zelda had gone home and the boys were coming over. I had to tell them the news about me and my princess. "Hi guys!" I said happily "What are you so happy about? It's only us" Michael said as he and the boys came into the house. "Sorry, I actually have something to tell you" I smirked

"Okay..?" Ashton looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Well you all know Zelda, so yeah the thing is that... She's my girlfriend now" I nervously yanked out the words from my mouth. "Ahem.. Okay, are you sure that's a good idea?" Calum questioned "Why?" My smile disappeared "I hope none of you are going to get hurt... What will happen when we're going on tour?" Michael said "Yeah are you just gonna break up with her?" Calum butted in.

I could feel tears pushing, what was the happiest day of my life turned into the worst. "Why are you saying all this I thought you'd be happy!?" I felt the tears falling down my cheeks "Luke, we are happy for you, but I think you should have thought this through" Ashton said "Well I thought you'd be more supportive, but I guess that's not the case. Please leave, we have nothing else to talk about" I raged "Luke come on don't do this" Calum tried to calm me down "Leave" I opened the door letting the boys out.

My best friends were being unreasonable and I wouldn't let them ruin my relationship with Zelda.. I wanted to call Zelda and tell her about it. But.. I just couldn't.. Maybe they were right, maybe it wasn't a good idea but I liked Zelda and I wasn't going to give up on our relationship.

Zelda's POV:

"Dad? Are you actually home?" I peeked inside the house when I got home from Luke's. "Yes sweetheart, I finally got some time off.. Wanna watch some TV and order take out before going to bed? And tomorrow we can lay in all day and have a New Girl marathon cause I know how much you love it" he came out of his study and hugged me.

"It's nice to have you back pal" I hugged him back tightly "Can we have Chinese takeout? Please daddy!" I looked at him pleadingly, which he usually gave in to. He nodded and picked up his phone calling the restaurant.

When we were done eating and watching TV, I was so tired I almost fell asleep halfway to my room. "Hi, now is not a good time.. Can we talk Monday? No I haven't told her, she doesn't need to know, at least not yet" he spoke in a hissed whisper after answering his phone. I wonder who he was talking to? "I will tell Zelda but for right now, I'll keep it to myself okay..?" Dad continued in a hissed whisper.

Who was this person? And what was he suddenly hiding from me? We used to tell each other everything.. Well okay, I hadn't exactly told him that I had gotten myself a boyfriend, but to my defence it had only been a day and I hadn't really seen him. Tomorrow I would tell him about Luke.

Sorry guys, just a short one today, but I promise tomorrow there will be much more!! Thank you for reading it, I appreciate it! A lot!! xx

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