Lead Me Out of Darkness...

A girl who is trapped inside her dark world who can't ever find light, until someone comes along and guides her out of the dark world she never thought she would ever get out of.


2. Walking Through Darkness...

I've walked for what feels like years, months, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds into this dark world in search of finding some light that can help me get out of here...

I tripped and fell, I am laughed at by others and have been constantly told to "Just give up because you'll never find true happiness." "Look at you, your not worth anything to anyone let alone yourself..." 

How do I still find hope to search for someone who could make me feel special, who could always love me, who CAN bring me true happiness? 

I get up and keep wondering through the dark in search for my true love...I hear people murmuring about me as I walk by, I simply ignore them to avoid the stress and keep pressing forward. 

I get home, I cry, I ask myself, "Am I ever going to find happiness in my life such as a person who could help me get passed all of the things that have happened to me?" "Should I stop my search and just hold off or shall I continue to find someone who I'm not even sure exists?"

I sigh, wipe my tears away, and just go to sleep, and let the rest of the day go by. 

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