Lead Me Out of Darkness...

A girl who is trapped inside her dark world who can't ever find light, until someone comes along and guides her out of the dark world she never thought she would ever get out of.


6. Until I met him...

He took me by the hand and followed him into  his world...   His world was like all of my nightmares in one ... The fears of everyone who you ever cared about abandon you, all of your friends and family turning against you saying your nothing, they don't love you, you're dead to them, they wish they never knew you or wished you were never born...Just everything I believe is my nightmare, my greatest fear of all..... We helped each other through the struggles of trying to ignore all of the voices that haunt us; try to take over our minds into breaking us down until we are nothing.... We helped each other, talked to each other telling each other saying we are here for each other and won't leave the other alone with the thoughts..... He helped me by comforting me, telling me he would never let anything hurt me, that I'm his soul mate, he would love to be with me forever and will love me no matter what happens, he would try his hardest to make me happy, and we were talking for hours confessing our feelings for each other trying to keep our minds off of all of our negative thoughts.... After many hours of helping each other and telling each other our feelings for each other... I-I started feeling happy like every inch of my depression and sadness have been erased from my mind and as part of my emotion forever.... It's no longer his world, it's our world, me and him both see something far away glowing... I look at him and ask "What is that?" He looks back at me, takes my hand and smiles "It's our world up ahead." I grip his hand and say "I'm scared...W-what if this world is worse?" He looks at me and says "I'll do everything in my power to keep you safe and never let anyone or anything hurt you. I love you so very much and if you feel the same we would walk into this world together and forever be by each others side." I loosen my grip as I calm myself down, I remain holding his hand and say "I do love you and I mean't every word I said to you and I want to forever be by your side. Lets go together into the new world."

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