Lead Me Out of Darkness...

A girl who is trapped inside her dark world who can't ever find light, until someone comes along and guides her out of the dark world she never thought she would ever get out of.


3. Next Day

I decided to continue my search and so I keep wondering..

I bump into someone and say I'm sorry and they help me up and we have a nice conversation..he's so kind

Have I finally found the one?He looks at me and smiles and says "Your so cute and I really like you a lot....no I don't like you I love you." 

He looks into my eyes and take me by the hand and says "I know that we have barely met, but will you go out with me?"

Should I trust him with my heart? Should I feel as though he might one day break and destroy my heart as the others have? Should I be with him, he matches what I want in a person, he has that kind personality, he's funny, and he knows how to make me smile more than I ever had...

I say yes as I smile and hug him..


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