Lead Me Out of Darkness...

A girl who is trapped inside her dark world who can't ever find light, until someone comes along and guides her out of the dark world she never thought she would ever get out of.


7. Lets go together

As we walk together holding hands to this world that is so bright, I see him glow brighter than anyone I've ever seen... He looks at me and he sees me glowing too and we both smile at each other... We are so close to this bright new world and as we approach we hug each other and tell each other no matter what happens we both have each other and we will help each other get through anything that gets in our way... He takes my hand again and we walk into the new world..... We are now in this new world and it's .... it's something we've never seen in our past worlds.... This one is amazing, like everything we love is here before our eyes.... Our true happy place before us here... We both smile as we keep walking in our world.. He looks at me and says the sweet words I enjoy hearing him say to me "I will always love you forever." I smile with my eyes filled with lust and pure happiness and say "I will always remain in love with you forever." 

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