What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


4. Yes or no?

Niall showed me upstairs. He opened the door to a bedroom and I noticed that everything was there. A large double bed, a television, a computer and a large closet that I could go into. It was as if he offered me more than what I had and I just stared at the room. 
"It's yours!" he whispered tenderly behind me. "If you say Yes, all in here all yours." 
I spun around. 
"And where do you sleep?" 
He smiled at my curiosity and he pointed to a door beyond mine. I swallowed and I was so curious about how his room looked like. Niall understood me, and he quickly went before me to his door. 
"I don't have any secrets." he said and he opened the door. There was a larger bedroom and in there was everything. He certainly loved art, because there were old paintings on the walls. Everything went in brown tones, and I understood that he liked to have it darker around him. The windows were boarded up, and he had dark curtains over them. 
"No sunlight?" I got out of me. He laughed a little bit and he followed me into the room. 
"I'm sensitive to sun light." he said quickly. "I can't stand to look at the sun without sunglasses."
I felt a tingling in my stomach. I was in his bedroom and just the thought made ​​me smile. 
"Anything more you want to see?" he asked hoarsely. I looked at him and I shook my head. He showed me that we should leave his bedroom and I walked quickly out of the room. 
"You like art?" I asked quickly. He closed the door and he had a shrewd smile on his face. 
"Let's just say that there are keepsakes that I have encountered." 
I swallowed. 
"So all people you have help, give you memories?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"No, you wont give me anything." he said kindly, and he looked at me. "I'm the one who gives and you should just enjoy and follow."

We went back down to the couch. I admitted to myself that I was tempted to say yes. I was so close to nod at him, but something told me that I should say no. I didn't know if I should listen to my gut or not. 
"What else do I get?" 
He laughed and he sat down. He poured up more wine and he looked at me with big eyes.
"You get me?" 
I blushed and I tried to collect myself. I got Niall? I sat down and I just stared at him. He laughed and he seemed almost to like that I wasn't used to being offered a lot of things. 
"I'm serious, Lilly!" he said quickly, "You get me and half the kingdom, as long as you choose to go along with certain requirements."
Aha, now the truth came forward and out. 
"And what do you require?" 
He leaned back on the sofa with the wine glass in hand. He watched me carefully and I noticed that he became more serious. 
"You can't tell a single soul about what's happening here." 
I swallowed. 
"Okay, and more?" 
He drank wine and he seemed almost to prepare me for the worst. 
"After you say yes, it's I who decides. I will guide you and you'll follow me." 
I frowned and I didn't like what he demanded from me. 
"We live in a society where there's no difference between the sexes." I said quickly, and I meant every word. "I don't want you to decide everything for me." 
He laughed a little bit and he leaned foreward. 
"It's all about you to trust me. I don't want you to say yes to everything just like that, but I decide over the difficult choices and you should accept it."
I understood nothing. 
"And you mean that there are difficult choices regarding work?" 
He smiled wryly and he looked at me. It was as if he hadn't told me the whole truth, and he withheld the most important. 
"Trust me." he whispered. "I'm experienced enough to make choices and you don't have my experience." 
I snorted. 
"I'm a year younger than you and a year makes little difference in experience?" 
Crooked smile and he looked even more secretive. 
"You have no idea what you're talking about."
I felt discomfort in my body. What was he talking about? 
"You mean you..." 
He interrupted me. 
"I asked you to trust me." 
I frowned and I drank more wine. 
"How can I trust you when you don't tell me everything?" I said a little chillier. "You say you want to help me, but I can't take my own decisions and just listen to you?" 
He nodded. 
"It works better that way." 
I disagreed. 
"I haven't heard this to helping somebody by determining everything." 
He just laughed and then he stood up. He went around the table and he came up to me. He reached out a hand and without protest, I put my hand in his. Niall quickly pulled me up, so I stood up and he seemed almost like to decide everything right now. I gasped by his presence. He stood just a few inches away from me and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"You are easy to influence." he mumbled quickly. "I want to influence you, but I can't explain how I will do it. I can only promise you more than what you have today." 
I swallowed and I felt his two hands landed on my face. He looked straight into my eyes and I was so close to stoop foreward to kiss him. 
"Lilly, release all your old ideas." he whispered. "I'm going to mold you and I will make sure that you understand more than what you ever realized." 
I didn't know what to say. His hands was like velvet against my cheeks and his lips were so enticing. 
"And you mean that I should be grateful?" 
He smiled and he shook his head. 
"It's I who should be grateful."

The kiss came! He leaned slightly towards me and our lips met. I closed my eyes and I felt my whole body just screamed with happiness. I felt how he almost caressed my lips, whereupon he became more intense. His tongue sought out mine and we ended up in a fog. I was only aware that he was a good kisser. He knew how he would do it and I nearly threw myself over him. Nevertheless, I kept myself calm and I let him steer me towards unknown destinations.


"You trust me?" Niall whispered when he had finished the kiss. "But you aren't sure about this." 
I nodded. 
"It's not every day that I'll be offered services from a man." 
He smiled. 
"How often does that happen?" 
I swallowed. 
He was happy and he let go of my face. He stood in front of me and he looked at me with dark eyes. I noticed that he was breathing faster, and then he backed off a few steps away from me. 
"Tomorrow you must have made ​​up your mind." he said shortly. "You should go home and sleep." 
I was disappointed. I didn't want to go home, I wanted to stay.
"If I say yes then?" 
He smiled wryly and he shook his head. 
"It would be a lie. I want you to sleep, think about it and I visit you tomorrow and we can talk further." 
I nodded. I understood that I couldn't get him to continue. He wanted me to go and I understood him. I was close to walk to the door when he took my hand and he quickly caught me up in his arms. 
"No, I'm not going to let you go." he said with a hoarse voice. "I want you to stay and I want to feel your naked body against mine, but I don't want to do that when you have had wine and talking about your future." 
I blushed. Again he had read my thoughts. He kissed me quickly and then he released me. 
"Lilly, I will continue to haunt you." 
I blushed. 

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