What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


7. To not understand

"You don't eat breakfast?" 
Niall smiled and he sat down on the other side of the table. He noted that I had chosen a black dress. I didn't like the dress, but it was the only one as wasn't sitting tight around my body. 
"No, like I said, I have a special meal when I'm alone." 
I sighed and I poked in some eggs. Niall was like a big mystery, and I knew he wouldn't tell me anything. 

"One day I will talk about everything." he whispered sweet. I looked up and I met his gaze. He looked kindly at me and it was as if he realized that I questioned him. 
"You're like a..." I didn't found the right word. "You're just so different." 
Niall agreed. He laughed a little bit and he let his eyes drift over me. 
"Lilly, trust me." he said, and he seemed to think about what he would tell me more about. It felt as if he still didn't tell the whole truth. 
"And can you tell me about your friends, as we're going to?" 
I chose to change the subject. He leaned back in his chair. 
"Harry is an old friend and Louis is his boyfriend." 
I swallowed. 
Niall nodded. 
"Do you mind that?"
I shook my head. The truth was that I had never met guys who were gay. I hadn't even been around that kind of people. Sara had many times talked about that it was a disease, but I didn't believe her.
"They are unique." Niall continued, as if it were obvious. "Harry and Louis have been a couple for a long time and I know they love each other. No one can't go between a loving couple just because they are of the same sex."
I looked up at Niall again. Did he read my thoughts?
"I know?"
He smiled, and it was as if he had missed that I had no opinion about the guys.
"And they have the experience." he continued. "I guess you have to get to know the people I have around me and those who are important to me?"
I just nodded. I had no idea who his friends were and I hadn't thought of that part closer.


Niall had a personal driver. It was a dark man who showed no emotion. He was like an ice cube, and I must admit that I was almost afraid of him. Niall and I sat in the back seat and he took my hand quickly. It was as if he wanted to be sure I wasn't going to jump out of the car. 
"How long have you known Harry?" 
I hated that it was quiet between us. I wanted to talk about something and I had many questions that weren't answered yet. 
"It doesn't matter." Niall replied, and again, he gave me no clues. "He's a close friend and you don't know about more." 
I sighed. 
"You can read my thoughts and you know everything about my life, why can't you open up for me?" 
Niall smiled awry. He watched me a few extra seconds and then it was as if he realized that I was curious. 
"There are things that you aren't ready to hear yet." he said with a deep voice. "I will give you all the answers over time, but not today."


Harry and Louis lived outside the city, high up on a hill. It felt like I got to the middle ages and the house reminded about an old castle. My legs were shaking when I went up the stairs and I felt like a stranger. Okay, I was a stranger... Niall held my hand tightly and he smiled reassuring to me. 
"You just be yourself." he said and he pressed the doorbell. I heard a ding and a dong. It sounded like a big bell and my first thought was that the house was so big that they had to have such a sound.


Harry reminded of a king, or maybe possibly a prince. He was dressed in clothes that fit at all times and he smiled wide against us. Niall slid in and I had just to follow him into the big house.
"Lilly?" asked Harry and Niall nodded. 
"I promised to show her to you?" 
I was startled. Niall wanted to show me up for Harry? Why? What was the point? Louis come up to us and he looked more like a regular guy. He stood next to Harry, and the two guys looked at me with curious eyes. 
"We hope that you enjoy being with Niall." continued Harry and he looked at me from top to bottom. "He has been looking for a woman for many years." 
I understood nothing. Niall had been looking for a woman to help, or what did they mean? 
"Lilly doesn't know everything yet." I heard Niall say. I stood like a question mark, and it was as if Louis and Harry knew Nialls secrets. What was it that they didn't tell me? Did Niall searched for a wife or was he just looking for companionship?
"What does she know?" asked Louis. Niall smiled at me and then he looked at them again. 
"Nothing more than that I'll help her to seek the truth." 
Harry smiled shrewdly and he looked at me again. 
"You wont be disappointed." He took a few steps towards me. "It's just fun to get new people to our community." 
Louis agreed, and he seemed delighted that I was there. 
"We need new ideas and we need new blood." 
Niall frowned and he looked at Louis. It was as if he gave him a warning glance, but why? Louis blushed and he realized that he had said the wrong thing. What was it that was wrong? New thoughts? Maybe that Niall felt that I hadn't any clever ideas?


Harry showed us into the salon. There were couches, a large fireplace and bookshelves, which were crowded with old paintings. The room made ​​me feel like a medieval woman. It was like I went back in time and I ended up in the 1700s. 
"Sit down!" 
I obeyed Niall and I sat down on one of the sofas. The guys gave each other glances and it was like they were talking to each other, but I heard no voices. Direct I wondered if everyone could read minds or if it was just me who didn't understand? 
"We will have a ceremony for you." 
I was startled and I looked up at Niall. He turned around to me and he smiled big. I just nodded, but I wanted an explanation. They didn't give me an explanation. 
"I have dresses to choose from, which are suitable for that occasion." Harry continued and then he looked at Niall. "When would it suit you?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"I want more time with her ​​before we go through the details." 
I just sat and gaped. What were they talking about? Should I join a cult or was it about a mystical society?
"What is it exactly that you're talking about?" I had to ask. Niall smiled and he sat down next to me. 
"Trust me." he whispered. "You will become a member of our club, you could say." 
I didn't like the words. 
"Are you a cult?" 
Louis burst out laughing, but Niall gave him a quick warning glance, and he fell silent. 
"No!" Harry said firmly, and he seemed annoyed at Louis, who had trouble not laughing more. "There's an association, one might say, a club for like-minded people." 
I sighed. 
"If it's about you read thoughts? I can't do that and I..." 
Niall cut me off. 
"No Lilly, it's about much bigger things and I want you to be with us."
Okay, I gathered my thoughts. What was this about? I looked at them that there was something more than I could have imagined, but what? 
"Do I have to?" 
Niall shook his head and he smiled reassuring to me. 
"No, you don't have to do it." he said firmly. "But I would be happy if it was your goal. We are more than us and the others have been waiting for the day when you want to attend." 
I was almost afraid. It felt like I was in a nightmare and I had no idea what the dream was about. 
"Please, Niall, tell the truth." 
Niall frowned and he pondered. He then looked at Harry as if he was looking for support. 
"The truth's great." I heard Harry say and I looked at him. He smiled and he sat down on a chair. "I understand that you aren't ready yet, but you will be. I see at you that you are one of us and that you will become one of us."


I understood nothing. When I got back to the house Nialls spun everything around in my head. I felt like a loser, as if Niall had tricked me. Niall seemed to understand that I was thinking about it and without that I was ready, he took his arms around me and he made me hug him. 
"You shouldn't be afraid." 
I snorted. 
"You know what it is you want from me, but I have no idea about anything." 
He smiled and he looked straight into my eyes. He had his arms tightly around my waist and he didn't have a plan to release me. 
"That's how I want it to be." he whispered. "You will get to know me and you'll understand me. Then I will answer all your questions." 
I swallowed. 
"Why me?" 
Niall looked into my eyes and he got my belly begin to tingle. That was such a gaze that I could interpret in any way.
I tried to get free, but he held me tight. 
"That wasn't no correct answer." I snorted cold. "You never answers my questions." 
Niall forced me to kiss him. At first, I did resist, but it took a few seconds and then was I totally inside the kiss. It was as if he owned me and I took my arms around his neck. His kiss was as perfect as the last one and I moaned with pleasure. Niall ended it and he smiled big at me. 
"There you have the answer." 
I was close on to argue, but he shook his head and he got me to remain silent. I almost felt his breath on my face and I felt his body pressed against mine. I was close to tearing his clothes off, just to be as close to him as I could, but I did nothing. 
"When you kiss me I feel you are my piece in the puzzle." he whispered hoarsely. "I feel in the whole body, this is true. When I saw you the first time, I just wanted to do everything for you and I still want to be with just you."
"So you don't just want to be my friend?" I got out and I was hoping he would respond. Niall looked at me for a few seconds and his eyes were so hot. I could almost see at him that he was close to wanting to rip my clothes off, but he didn't.
"Don't you understand that I have a need, that I want to do it?" he whispered. "Well, if I'm going to answer your question, yes. I don't want to just be your friend. I want to be your everything."
"So why don't you take me?"
He raised his eyebrows and it was as if the idea had never been in his thoughts.
"Because neither you nor I are ready yet. We aren't there yet."
I wanted more answers.
"When will we get there?"
He kissed me lightly and he let his lips slide at my cheek and down my neck. I felt the pressure of his lips and I moaned with pleasure. I had no idea that I could be affected so much and I wanted him.
"Soon!" he whispered hoarsely and he let his tongue taste it on my skin. "Soon, my sweetheart!"

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