What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


10. To be approved

The door flew open and in stormed two happy guys. Niall's face lit up and he hugged them directly and greeted them welcome. I stood in the door to the kitchen and I waited to see if even they would say something to Niall. Instead, they started staring at me and finally had Niall to explain who they were. 
"This is Liam and Zayn!" he said quickly, and he smiled at them. "And you know that she's Lilly?" 
Liam walked straight up to me, took my hand and he shook it as if it were a toy. 
"So nice to meet you, and we have heard so much about you." he looked at Zayn. "Right?" 
Zayn agreed and he came up to me to see how I looked. Liam let go of my hand and he looked at me from the bottom up, then he laughed happily and he looked at Niall. 
"She's more amazing compared to what you told me." 
I blushed and I noted that Niall was amused by their reaction. 
"I know!" he replied briefly and then he went towards his office. "Lilly, you can wait out here." he said almost to certain. "We have some business to go through." 
I stood there and I saw all three went into the library, or if it was an office?


I had never gone through the house. Niall had just shown me some areas that he felt were important to know. I chose to walk around and I tried to just pass the time. By pure coincidence I found a door that went down to the  and I couldn't help but open it and peek down the stairs. There was a light switch and when I pressed on it, I discovered that there was a corridor downstairs, built of bricks. It almost looked like a vault. I just had to go down and I closed the door behind me.


The hallway was damp and I noted that the cellar was certainly older toward the house. It was exciting and I couldn't help but feel at all the doors, if they were open. In the corridor there were wooden doors that led either to the right or to the left. They were locked, but I continued to go foreward. Eventually I came to the end of corridor and a large gate appeared. The large wooden doors looked old out and I noted that there were also locks on the two doors. Yet I felt if they was opened. Why didn't Niall told me about cellar? What was behind all the doors and why were they locked?


I was startled. I had to hurry to leave cellar and when I again came up I closed the door quickly. Niall hadn't seen that I had snooped and I puffed out. 
I went to the office and Niall stood there alone, waiting for me. He smiled wide and he took a few steps towards me. 
"You're approved!" 
Okay? I didn't know if I should be happy or not. Niall laughed a little bit and he walked up to me. He took me in his arms, and he smiled. 
"What do you mean?" I whispered questioningly. He kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"Zayn and Liam thinks that you are a good choice." 
I frowned. 
"Do you always ask your friends if they approve your girlfriends?" 
He shook his head. 
"Only those who will be involved in the Community." 
I wanted to know more. 
Niall raised his hands and he caught up my face. 
"Yes, you will be involved in the community that I have with the others."  
"And when will the ceremony be?" 
He kissed me lightly and he held on to my face with his hands. 
"When you are ready." 
I wasn't eager to wait, I was ready. Niall certainly read my thoughts, and he kissed me again. 
"One thing at a time, darling." he said tenderly. "Tomorrow I'll show you important places and I'll tell you more about me." 
Finally! I lit up and I smiled. 
"Good!" I got out of me. "Finally!" 
He laughed a little bit and then he released my face. 
"I know what you are ready to hear and I will show you more than you can dream about." 
I smiled and my whole stomach tingled. 
"Must we wait until tomorrow?" 
He nodded. 
"The sun rises in a few hours and you know that I'm sensitive to the sun?" 
I knew it because he had talked about it.
"Can't you take sunscreen or something?" 
He shook his head and smiled. He was no longer annoyed that I asked. 
"No, it doesn't work." he whispered. "I can put on special clothes, but it will take time before I get them on and I don't want to be dressed like an idiot." 
"Have you had the allergy all your life?" 
I dared to ask, because he seemed to want to answer all my questions. 
"Yes!" he said. "Or maybe not my entire life, but the most part." 
"When did you get the allergy?" 
He paused, and again we came to a sensitive topic. He cleared his throat a little bit and he thought for sure what he would say. 
"Let's just say that when my new life began, I become allergic."
All my questions was spinning around in my head. It was as if he finally was ready. 
"The cellar?" 
Niall frowned and he just stared at me. 
"What do you know about the cellar?" 
I took a breath and I gathered courage. 
"I happened to find the door down and I just wonder what's behind all the doors." 
Niall didn't seemed, at first, like he wanted to answer that question. 
"Storage." he replied short and it was as if he disliked that I had snooped. He backed off a few steps and he gazed me. "Was there anything else you want to know?" 
I hesitated. 
"I have lots of questions." 
He nodded, he knew. 
"I can't answer all at once, but I promise to show you the cellar when you are ready."
It was my turn to frown. 
"Why do you keep saying that I must be ready, how do you know if I'm ready or not?"
Niall smiled wryly and he seemed once again amused. 
"Lilly, you will understand." he said firmly. "When that day comes, you have no choice but to understand." 
I sighed. 
"You are like a puzzle, and sometimes I just annoyed at you." 
Niall laughed and then he took me again into his arms. I was almost startled when he began to kiss me. It was again a perfect kiss, and he almost ate me up. I heard that he groaned and then he ended the kiss. 
"One thing you should know." he whispered. "I wont let you go and you can't never ever be afraid of me." 
I swallowed. 
"Why would I be afraid?" 
He let a hand caress my cheek and then my hair. 
"Lilly, there's so much more than what you know." He let his hand stay behind my neck and he watched me carefully and thoroughly. "Sometimes I'm afraid you wont understand, but I know you're not the girl who runs away."
I agreed. I hadn't backed down at any point in my life, not even when I was scared or unsure. I was that kind of of girl. 
"Tomorrow we have to wake up early." I only said that so that it wouldn't be quiet. Niall nodded and he released me. 
"I know and you have to eat a big breakfast." 
Direct questions began to spin around again. 
"What are you eating?" I asked quickly. "You say you go on special diets, but you haven't told me about what you eat and when." 
Niall smiled. He still didn't seemed to be annoyed that I had questions. He looked at me and he raised his eyebrows. 
"I only liquid food." he whispered. "Foods high by iron and contains everything that I needs." 
Okay, better answer than no answer at all. 
"When do you drink it?" 
He thought. 
"When I feel my body needs more."

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