What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


26. Thoughts

I woke up when my hands were released and even my feet. I could feel how it aching in the arms and legs, because I had been fixed. I opened my eyes and I saw Perrie. She smiled big and she seemed happy to see me again, that I was me again. 
"Welcome back!" she whispered. "Now you are free." 
I smiled a little bit. I was still weak and I needed more strength to be more normal. 
"What happened?" 
She sat on the edge of the bed and I noted that she seemed quiet. 
"Sam is gone." she said. "We managed to trick him and he's now buried far down under the ground." 
I didn't felt sure about that. 
"He can be dug up?" 
She laughed and she shook her head. 
"No, believe me, we have thought of everything and he wont come back again."
She helped me to sit up and she made sure that the pillows ended up behind my back. 
"Niall will soon return home." she said kindly. "He's looking forward to just being with you." 
I nodded. Niall? It felt like ages since I was with just him. It felt like forever since I talked to him, but I was aware that he had been next to me, when I was in Sam's power. 
"Is he mad?" 
Perrie laughed, and she shook her head. 
"No, he's not angry." she sounded honest. "He was worried that you wouldn't come back and he loves you." 
I blushed. Nialls love was greater than anything else and I was grateful that he hadn't changed on that feeling.


I was moved to a bedroom. I was thankful that I ended up in a soft bed and Perrie made ​​sure I had food in my stomach. I saw at myself that I had lost weight and I knew I needed more than just food to be myself again. 
"You were in the basement for a month." said Perrie and I was startled. I just stared at her and slowly I began to understand how much power Sam had had over me. Perrie laughed at my reaction. 
"It took a week before you stopped to cry." She was amused. "There after, you slowly become yourself, but we had to keep you tied up." 
I couldn't bother over that fact. She put a water bottle next to the bed and she made ​​sure I had fruit, if I was hungry. 
"You have to eat." she murmured, and she began to walk towards the door. "Now you rest."


I dozed off and I happened to open my eyes. I got direct view on Niall. He sat on the edge of the bed and he smiled big at me. I felt his hand slipped through my hair and he seemed so calm. 
"Hey!" he whispered, and he leaned over and gave me a light kiss on my forehead. "I've been waiting for you to wake up." 
I smiled. He changed his position in bed, and he laid down next to me with his arm under my head. It felt wonderful to have him close to me again. I laid my head against his chest and I took one arm around his body. 
I looked at him and he looked at me. He hesitated before he continued. 
"I have to admit one thing." 
I smiled and nodded. He could say whatever he wanted to me. Niall hesitated anyway. He cleared his throat lightly. 
"I want you to be queen." he whispered. "You don't need to become a vampire, but I have applied to the Council to still receive you as that." 
I just stared at him. Why? Niall was reading my thoughts. 
"You have proven that you can cope with a lot." he continued. "There aren't many who have been in a vampire violence and then come back."
I disagreed. 
"It was because of you." I said with a confident voice. Niall shook his head, and he seemed to have decided everything. 
"No, you managed it on your own and I'm really glad that you are as strong as you are." 
I frowned and I tried to understand why he was so sure that I would be right by his side.
"I'm no queen, and especially..." 
He interrupted me. 
"Well, they all look up to you now and you are so wonderful as a person. You have made ​​me realize that we all need a bit of humanity in our hearts. All isn't black." Niall smiled a little bit and he continued. "You have made ​​me realize how wrong it is to wage war against other vampires and constantly exploit the power. When we caught Sam, we made it as humanely as possible and I didn't even try to kill him."
Another question popped up in my head. Niall read the thought, and he smiled a little bit. 
"He got a penalty." he explained. "He lies buried in a coffin under a pile of concrete. He will have many years to think through what he did." 
I didn't like it. 
"Isn't that to torment him, because he don't get food or someone to talk to?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"A vampire can survive without blood a long time and when we feel he's ready, we will make sure he gets back up." 
Niall laughed a little bit. 
"Vampires can do many things. You don't need to ask such a question."


I had a lot to think about. It almost felt wrong to become a queen if I wasn't a vampire. At the same time I was afraid of becoming a vampire. In the past, it was because of all those things that I never would died, now I was afraid of how my body would change. I had an experience with Sam, but I knew it was far from the truth, how it really was to be a vampire. If I chose to be a bit by Niall, wouldn't he rule over me and no one would have power enough to change me from me. 


"It's like Cottons!" Perrie said to me one evening. "You end up in a daze and when the fog lifts, your body is like a new body." 
I frowned. 
"How do you mean?" 
She smiled. 
"It only hurts at that moment when Niall bites you, but the rest's just a wonderful trip." 
I sat down and I realized that she described her path. 
"Why did you want to become a vampire?" I asked. Perrie laughed, and she sat down next to me. I saw at her that it was a pleasant memory. 
"I lived on the brink of total destruction and I took drugs." she said. "I couldn't get clean and when I met the vampires, I realized that it was my only salvation." she looked at me. "I would have been dead long ago if it weren't for them and through them, I got a family. I was a lost soul, but now I am a person that has a purpose."
I smiled a little bit. 
"What's your purpose? Is it to drink blood?" 
She shook her head quickly. 
"We are like a hive. We have to stick together and work together and we need a queen." 
I was startled. I just stared at her. Perrie realized why I responded. 
"Lilly, see us as bees buzzing around and we take care of many pieces in the world." 
I disagreed. 
"Bees don't kill people." 
She smiled. 
"No, and neither do we, not anymore." 
I looked down at my hands. Okay, so she called them bees? It sounded like a wacky idea. 
"And what is it that you give people?" 
She smiled. 
"We clear when the killer pops up that the police can't do anything. The only thing we're killing are the people who have a black heart."

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