What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


9. The woman from the past

I first heard how it pounded on Nialls front door. Then I heard that he opened and then I heard through the whole house a woman who was cursing. 
"What the hell are you doing?" 
Niall said something to her, but I didn't hear what he said. I was curious and I snuck away to my door. I opened it a little bit and I noticed that they stood beneath the stairs. 
"What does she have that I don't have? I gave you everything I gave you my whole life and this is the thanks I get?" 
Niall seemed to want to calm her down. 
"You know I have searched for years and you know I wasn't the right one for you." 
"So I was a mistake?" 
He didn't know what to say. I heard that she was really angry and I asked directly myself if she was his ex-girlfriend? Maybe it was a girl he had helped before me?
"You know that the circumstances at that time did so that I had to?" he said in a steady voice. "I would had die if you weren't there and I'm grateful, but that's all."
She didn't give up and I heard that she wasn't going to go away from the house. She wanted to stay.
"Niall, you damn removed everything that was me, and you did this to me." I realized she was talking about her body. Had she done a beauty surgery?
"Please, I can't do anything about it."
She snorted.
"Yes, you can. You can let me move in here and you can choose me."
I frowned. Okay, she was his ex-girlfriend? Niall didn't like her words.
"No, I know that Lilly is the only one and I wont let you destroy anything between her and me."
The woman didn't seem to care.
"So her name's Lilly, that little whore?"
"She's not a whore!"
"What is she then?" Her voice was cold. "Is she your little pleasures? Will you suck out her blood and recycling her?"
I assumed it was a metaphor. Suck the blood out of me? I smiled a little bit. Talk about that she used hilarious words. I was also happy that Niall said he had chosen me. 
"Stop it!" he told her, and he sounded no longer calm. "You know how the routine goes, and you know I wont do so?" 
The woman sighed. I heard she had calmed down a bit and she lowered her voice. 
"Why aren't you calling me? I did want to hear from you about this, not from Harry, that you had found the new queen. I thought we were friends?" 
"We are friends!" 
Wait a minute! Queen? Who was the new queen and queen of what? 
"But prove it and let me meet you sometimes." 
I chose to close the door and I felt unsafe. What was it they were talking about? A Queen? Maybe it was that the ceremony was about, the one that I was involved in? They would allow a queen to take care of everything? Still, I managed not to get together the puzzle.


"You heard her?" 
I stopped in the middle of the stairs and I nodded. Niall was red in the face and he locked the front door carefully. 
"Who was she?" 
He hesitated, and he seemed to avoid me. He looked down at the ground, and he took a deep breath. 
"She was a mistake." 
I didn't know if he would answer my questions, or if he, as always, would change the subject. 
"Is she one that you have helped?" I asked uncertainly. "Or is she an ex-girlfriend?"
Niall looked up at me. He looked surprised and it was as if he was expecting other questions. 
"No!" he murmured. "She's just a girl that I met long time ago. She's history and there was never anything between us."
Something told me that he didn't tell me the whole truth. 
"Why is she so angry?" 
He sighed and he walked up to the stairs. He stood below me and he looked at me closely. 
"I treated her wrong. I did something for the sake of my personal gain and she's hurt." 
I frowned. 
"You took advantage of her?" 
Niall smiled a little bit and he looked down on the stairs. He didn't look at me and that indicated that he didn't told the whole truth to me. 
"No, or yes or maybe?" He swallowed. "It depends on how you look at it. She said yes, but afterwards she regretted it and now I can't..." he paused. Niall looked at me again, and he seemed almost afraid of the truth. "I can't change back what once happened and I have to live with it." 
I went down the stairs and I stopped in front of him. He looked really scared and his usually confident face was gone. 
"Why don't you say sorry to her?" 
He swallowed again and he chose to look at me this time. 
"Because she knows that we can't change anything." 
I felt his hands around my waist and I was surprised when he pulled me into his arms. He held me so tight, and he smiled a little iffy against me. 
"Now, we forget all about her." he whispered tenderly. "She knows that I have chosen a different path and she wont bother us anymore."
I took my arms around his shoulders, and I nodded. But there were more questions. 
"Do you have a queen in your clan, or whatever it is you have?" 
Niall froze and he just stared at me. 
I smiled. 
"Yes, your ex-girlfriend talked about that you've found a queen?" 
I saw at Niall how all the color flowed away from his face and he become pale. I was almost surprised by his reaction. 
"But you don't want to talk about it?" I asked quickly. Niall shook his head and he kissed me lightly. 
"No, I don't want to talk about it."

I simply had to get used to that he had secrets. I couldn't continue demand answers and I figured out that I had nothing to do with it. It happen before my time with him. Niall was relieved over that I wasn't asked more questions. He instead took me into the kitchen and he was laying out food for just me. I had to get used to even that, to eat alone. I wondered when Niall ate his food, but even that I couldn't ask him. He wouldn't still not answer anything and he had his secret life, even though I was a part of it.








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