What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


3. The proposal

Nialls house was huge and I saw immediately that he hadn't lied to me. He was rich and his entire home was modern. It was as if he had put some energy into every little thing in the house and everything looked just perfect. 
"Do you clean yourself?" 
I just had to ask. He was rich, then he didn't had to do a single thing, unless he wanted to. 
"Oh yeah?" he laughed happily. "I clean, but sometimes I occasionally employ a cleaning company just to avoid having to take the worst. How so?" 
I spun around and I looked uncertainly at him. I watched him closely and I saw details I hadn't seen at the pub. Niall was taller than me but somehow he seemed so young. Yet I saw that he had hair on his chest and his chin had traces of stubble. He was such a guy that you couldn't read and he was a mystery.
"How old are you?" 
Niall laughed again. He walked past me and I followed him. We ended up in his kitchen, which was bigger than my entire apartment. 
"Is it an important issue?" he got out and he looked at me with amusement. "I'm as old as you want me to be." 
I snorted. 
"Come on and stop being so secretive." I said a little cold. "I'm twenty years old. Are you younger or older?" 
He stood still and he looked at me. He looked like a question mark and then he smiled. 
"Lilly, one time I was twenty-one. We can say that I'm just at that age?" 
I didn't understand what he meant. 
"Once upon a time you was twenty-one?" I snorted. "You grow old all the time and you will always get older?"
He took out two wine glasses, and he put them on the bench. 
"If I tell the truth, you still wont believe in me." 
I laughed uncertainly. 
"Test me?" 
He gave me a quick glance and then he opened the fridge. 
"Do you like white or red wine?" 
I frowned. 
"I'm not a wine person." 
He smiled and he took out a bottle of red wine. 
"I'll teach you to be that." he said with a cheerful voice and he closed the fridge. He looked at the bottle and then at me again. "I'm twenty-one." 
I sighed. 
"You're pretty wacky when it comes to yourself?" 
He agreed and he opened the cap on the bottle. 
"Let's talk about you instead." he said, and he poured the wine into the glasses. "We can go into the subject of me, in a few days."
I took the wine glass, as he gave to me, and I felt how my whole body was in revolt. I shouldn't have followed him home, but my curiosity took over. 
"I haven't said yes yet?" 
Niall smiled big and he tasted the wine. Then he looked at me and his eyes were explorative. 
"Why is it so hard to say yes?" 
I hesitated. 
"Because I don't know what it is you are going to do for me." 
He came up to me and he looked straight into my eyes. It was as if he still was reading what I thought and I thought about asking Niall if he could read minds? 
"You know I'm rich." he answered quickly. "You know I'm not lying to you, and yet you hesitate? I'm gonna give you a life and opportunities. Are you saying no to me, I will be disappointed and I will haunt you until you say yes."
He really meant this seriously? I saw at him that he wasn't joking, and I wondered what he meant by that he would stalk me? 
"What will happen if I say yes?" I whispered. Niall smiled and he raised a hand. He caressed my cheek and he seemed almost tempted by me. By me, as was just an average girl with no future. 
"If you say yes, you will move in here and I will make sure that all your needs will be met."
I hesitated. 
"Have you done this before?" 
He raised his eyebrows. 
"I have helped other people, but I haven't let a single person to live with me." 
I had lots of questions. 
"Will I sleep in my own room?" 
Niall smiled wryly and he released my cheek. He raised an eyebrow and he just looked mischievous at me. 
"It's up to you."
I drank the wine just to calm me down. Niall took my hand and he pulled me to the couch. I sat down and I felt the whole I was in decay. Why me? It was as if he had already decided, and I was the only one he wanted? The question was even if he wanted to have me as a girlfriend or if it was just to help me? I was a virgin, which I wasn't very happy about, but I didn't want that he would destroy me just because he could. 
"I'm not going to exploit you." 
I was startled and I met Nialls gaze. 
"So you can read minds?" 
He smiled and he sat down on a couch across from me. 
"Maybe?" he replied mysteriously. God, I wasn't sure about anything. My legs were weak, my heart jumped and my thoughts spun around. 
"Why me?" 
He drank wine and he looked straight at me. He leaned back and he looked generally pleased. 
"I already told you." he replied dark. "I want to help you. There's something unique about you that suits my taste."
More wine. I almost felt dependent on the wine. I couldn't think clearly and I just stared at him. Niall liked my reaction and he leaned foreward. 
"Lilly, trust me." he whispered tenderly. "I promise I wont do anything that you don't want to do and I'm not here to destroy your body." 
I gasped. What if I wanted him to destroy my body? At this moment, I was almost tempted to give him the opportunity. 
Niall put the glass on the table. 
"You're going to move into my house and I will buy new clothes for you. I will give you the experience and maybe you eventually realize what it is I offer you?" He looked straight into my eyes. "I'm ready to give you a future and I talk about more than what you can get today." 
He spoke in riddles. 
"I want a job that I enjoy doing." I whispered. "I don't need to change everything, but just little parts of my life." 
He smiled. 
"Good!" he whispered. "I can give you a job and I have the ability to change all the things that you are so tired about. I'm here for you and you can see me as your teacher, or your slave, it's up to you."

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