What Will Happen Next?!

+16 - I met him and I was ready. Yet he refused to explain, he refused to answer my questions. He was like a mystery, and I realized too late what it was that he wanted. I realized that maybe I wasn't the one he thought.


15. The meeting

I had many thoughts about my choices. I had realized that I loved Niall and I knew I couldn't leave him, but at the same time it was quite scary because he was something different. There was more murder and it seemed like there was a mass murderer in town. Niall was worried that it was a vampire who was behind the killings, but at the same time, he was sure that none of his gang murdered innocent people.


One evening (for us it was morning because we slept away the days) Niall put forward a dress to me on the bed and he watched me closely. 
"We're going at a meeting with all the others and you'll be with me." 
I sat up in bed. 
"But I'm not one of you yet." 
He smiled and he leaned over me. He kissed me lightly on the lips and he just seemed to enjoy that I was here for him. 
"No one can say you don't belong to us." he whispered hoarsely. "You are mine and I will let you go with me wherever I want to go." 
I enjoyed. I loved when he was talking about us, and I was sure that his feelings for me were genuine. 
"Should I wear special clothes then?" 
He nodded and showed me the dress. It was all black and it was long. 
"When we have important meetings it's important, but not otherwise." he looked at me. "There are old rules that we follow."


The meeting was held in an old house in the city. At the surface it was a ramshackle house, but when we came in, everything was restored and I was almost surprised. 
"We hide our meeting places." Niall explained simply and we came into a variety of rooms. Chairs were placed for all and at the front there was a microphone and two chairs. Niall pulled me across the room and he placed me on one of the two chairs. He sat down next to me and then he sat silent. It wasn't long until the room was filled with people. All were dressed in black and I understood that this was the innermost circle of vampires. For me it was almost scary, but I knew none of them would throw themselves upon me, to kill me.


Niall stood up before the microphone and he looked serious. I understood that he was the leader, or the king, if you wanted to call him that. All fell silent. 
"Thank you for coming on such short notice." Niall said, and he smiled at the spectators. I recognized Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. I didn't see the woman who had come home to Niall. Maybe not everyone got to participate at their meetings? 
"We are here today to deal with the killer." Niall continued. "There are one or more vampires who break the rules, out there, and we need to find out who or what." 
I couldn't exactly keep up with his speech. I sat instead and peered around the room. Many glanced at me and I felt almost stared. Did they all knew about what Niall had plans with me? Was it widely known that he thought I wanted to be one of them? I didn't even know if they knew that I was just me, a normal girl who didn't know what to do. That about that Niall wanted to make me the queen wasn't something I wanted to think about. It sounded too big and too crazy.


Right as it was stood a girl up and she seemed to be the one who would ask a question. 
"What's she doing here?" 
I was startled. She pointed straight at me and I felt all staring. Niall gave me a quick glance and then he looked at her again. 
"If you'll excuse me Perrie, Lilly is with me. You all know why I chose her and why I chose to bring her here." 
Perrie disagreed. 
"Not even all the vampires come here, but you may bring in an average person. Is it to entice us with her ​​blood or what?" 
Niall whitened. I understood that he wanted to defend me and me, myself, was just unsure about everything. 
"Stop it!" said he coldly. "Lilly's your future queen and you will treat her with respect. Same respect you have towards me and those who govern."
Now it was my turn to flinch. Niall took for granted that I would be the queen? I hadn't said yes, and he knew very well that I hesitated. I just stared at his back, and I felt almost run over by his words. 
"For a hundred years you have been without a queen." he continued firmly. "I have done everything possible to lead you and I hope you still trust that I make the right choice. For those of you who were here before, you know how our old king was and at that time no one dared to contradict. We have democracy, but still it's I who has control over some parts and I'm the one who decides over Lilly."
I almost fainted. It sounded like it was important for me to say yes? Had they had Niall as king for a hundred years? I stared at him, but then I let my gaze drift over the other vampires. All reacted differently, but when I met Zayns gaze, he smiled reassuring to me. It was as if he at least was on my side. 
"Times are changing." Niall continued. "The only thing I require from you is patience and we have more important things to deal with. If you leave the responsibility to me, I promise that you will get your queen."
Harry stood up and he spun around so he could see at all. 
"I'm on Nialls side and I know I can trust him." he said quickly. "What we have to deal with now is the killer and I trust that Niall makes the right decision."


After the meeting, it was as if everyone wanted to talk to Niall. I didn't get the opportunity to walk up to him and in a way I felt outside. I stood at the end of a corner and I chose to just watch. Maybe that Niall was wrong? I wasn't their queen, and I wasn't born to become one of them. Slowly, I began instead to think of my parents. My mom might not missing me yet, because we had nothing in common. I had always been a black sheep, and many times I wondered if she was even my mother.
"I'm sorry I sounded so angry." 
I spun around and Perrie came towards me. She smiled faintly and I noted that she didn't look angry anymore. 
"It's okay." I replied quickly. "I myself am not sure what I'm doing here, but Niall wanted me to come along." 
She watched me carefully from the bottom up. It was as if she accepted me and she didn't seem to have anything against me. 
"I know that Niall loves you." she replied. "He will do anything not to lose you and that's his weakness." 
I was startled. 
She laughed a little bit. 
"Yes, his weakness is you. If any of us as much as peek at you the wrong way, he will kill that vampire without blinking. He's assured that you and he are meant for each other and he wont listen."
She spoke as if she knew what I felt. I just stared at her. My first thought was that I wouldn't allow her to read my thoughts. But how did I block that? I ended up just with my thinking or did I block her out from my mind? 
"Don't be afraid!" Perrie whispered, and she seemed not to care about my uncertainty. "I know you aren't the right person and I know you know it." 
I backed off a few steps. There was one thing that I had those thoughts, but when another stranger said it, the words hurt me. 
"You read my minds?" I whispered, and I was unsure if I would even talk to her. Perrie laughed. 
"Does it matter?" she said firmly. "Niall might not know it yet, but one day he will understand that you aren't the queen." she looked at me with disgust. "You don't have the characteristics that a queen should have and you have no experience as she must have."
I tried to look after where Niall was. I didn't see him and Perrie prevented me from leaving the corner. I was scared and I wasn't sure. She did anything to have me there in the corner and she looked at me with those bland eyes, I almost froze. 
"Do the right thing." she said. "Say no to him and go back to your old life." 
I swallowed. 
"I love him." 
Perrie snorted. 
"What do you know about love? You're just keen on the idea that he's a vampire and I promise you that those feelings will go away with time. You don't love him and you will never be able to love him."


Perries words echoed in my head. Niall found me and we went home. On the way home, I sat quietly in the car and I had no idea what to say or do. Maybe she was right. I wasn't the right girl for Niall and the only thing I did was to take up his time? Perhaps even he doubted his feelings, but he didn't dare tell it to me?
"You block your thoughts for me?" 
I gasped and I met Nialls gaze. 
He smiled weakly and he took my hand in his. He looked lovingly on me, but I doubted that I interpreted him correctly. 
"Lilly, you've managed to block your thoughts?" he laughed a little bit. "I don't know if it's good or a bad sign?" 
I swallowed, and I wanted to talk about what Perrie had said to me. Yet I didn't dared. I was afraid of the truth. 
"I'm just tired."

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